Last Friday, we dropped the news that AMC's The Walking Dead was actively pursuing Oscar-nominated actor John Hawkes to play one of the comic book's most popular characters, Philip Blake, aka The Governor, in next year's Season 3 run of episodes.

This caused a bit of a stir within the ranks of The Walking Dead, which had us pulling the story down. But the Internet being the Internet, the news traveled fast, and now it is pretty much everywhere. Well, you can all stop talking about it.

We have official confirmation from a source close to the production that John Hawkes, best known for his roles on Deadwood and in Winter's Bone, has passed on the role of The Governor. Instead, as /john-hawkes-joins-switch/reported last night, John Hawkes will be starring in an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Switch, which sees him playing a younger Louis Gara, a role originated by Robert De Niro in Jackie Brown.

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The actor is intent on focusing solely on film roles at this point in his career, having already done a successful television series.

This means that the highly coveted, fan favorite role of The Governor is still up for grabs. News of John Hawkes originally being offered the role came from Tom Savini, who told us that he's been campaigning for the role since the show kicked off production two seasons ago.

Now, it seems as though Tom Savini is the only candidate for The Governor. Can you think of anyone better?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange