Jordana Brewster discusses Fast & Furious Six and the TNT remake DallasI recently spoke with actress {0} for {1} debuts on {2} and {3} October 4. I also had to ask about {4}, and, while she hasn't heard anything official on the sequel, she talked about where she would like the franchise to go. Here's what she had to say below.
"It'd be really fun to go to Europe. That would be really fun."

The actress also stars on the TNT remake series Dallas, which premieres next summer on TNT. Here's what she had to say about the show, and her character, Elena Ramos.

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"You know, I'm on the third season now of the original Dallas. It's just so much fun to watch. When I saw our pilot, I got so emotional when the theme song came on. It's like you're a part of something so iconic. I just hope the fans of the original series like

watching the new generation interact with Bobby and J.R. Ewing and Sue Ellen. It's kind of like what happens with Fast, you get to pick up where characters left off and you get to see them evolve. There is still family drama playing out, there are those who still care about money more than anything and those who care about the family more than anything. There are those age-old themes that are so much fun to watch play out. I'm in a love triangle between John Ross Jr. (Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe). I grew up with the boys on the ranch, so I'm very familiar with their antics. It's a really fun, juicy role to play. I'm also an engineer."

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