Oscar nominated actor Josh Brolin is best known for his dramatic roles in such films as No Country for Old Men, American Gangster, W. and Milk, for which he earned his nomination. However, on June 18th the actor will make his first attempt at playing a comic book character as he rides to the big screen in Jonah Hex, based on DC Comics' classic Western anti-hero. The movie still doesn't open for another week but as with any comic book character that is turned into a big summer action film the question remains: will there be a sequel? We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Josh Brolin to talk about the new film and we asked the actor if returning for a sequel was something he'd be interested in doing if the movie is successful? "Always and I said that during the shooting," replied Brolin.

"This was a very, very tough shoot as you well know," the actor went on to say about making the film which co-stars Megan Fox and John Malkovich. "Once you're out there, its hot, you've got the prosthetic on and you think, oh my god I'll never do this again," Brolin said referring to the make-up he had to wear for Jonah's trademark scar. "But then afterwards you look back on it and you go, wow I really appreciate the way this turned out and we could take this movie in any direction that we wanted to," he said optimistically. "So yeah, all of this is going to be determined by whether it does well and this and that. But whatever man, I love the movie," declared Brolin. "I'm happy with it, you know? Anything can be a franchise at some point, but the movie itself and by itself I'm proud of it for sure," he concluded. "Absolutely!"

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