I recently had the chance to speak with actor Josh Hartnett, who was promoting his upcoming action drama Bunraku, which arrives on VOD formats September 1 and hits theaters on September 30. We also discussed another intriguing project the actor just wrapped production on, director Roland Joffé's Singularity. This period piece takes place in both the 1700s and in the year 2020, where the actor portrays two very different characters. Take a look at what he had to say about this project below.

"Singularity I just wrapped, and I don't know what I'm going to do next quite yet. Singularity is based on a book which was originally published in India. It's a real guy, a Scottish guy, who, in the late 1700s, was stationed in India, near Mumbai, who found himself in the middle of a revolution, of sorts, between two different Indian kingdoms, and the Indian Trading Company, who was threatening to take over the country. It's a really interesting story, lots of sweeping romance and fight sequences. It's beautiful. It also has this element, set in 2020, where I play a wreck diver who finds this ring which has a connection to this other story, and there is a possibility of reincarnation which is brought up. It's a beautifully-written film and hopefully it will turn out really well. We just finished that and hopefully it will come out next year, and I'm figuring out what I'm going to do next, if I do anything. I've been writing and directing a little bit, so I may go back to that, but I have no idea. For now I'm just enjoying August, the rest of the summer."

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