While out promoting his upcoming film Holy Rollers, which opens this Friday, we caught up with Justin Bartha, who plays a drug smuggling Hassidic Jew in the film. The actor gave us a few extra minutes to talk about his upcoming obligations and revealed that he will definitely be in The Hangover 2, which stars shooting this fall, but that National Treasure 3 is a long ways from actually happening. Here's our conversation:

A recent story broke that the three leads in Hangover 2 had finally settled on contract negotiates. Yet, you weren't mentioned in the story. Are you gong to be in the sequel?

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Justin Bartha: Yes. I will most likely be in The Hangover 2.

Do you know what the story is going to be this time around?

Justin Bartha: No. No one knows what the story is about except for Todd Phillips, the director. No one else has read the script yet.

When do you guys start shooting on that? I heard the shoot was coming up quite soon.

Justin Bartha: We are shooting in the fall. I am excited to work with these guys again. I have no expectations. Everyone involved is so unbelievably talented and funny. And great to work with. I would do craft services on the movie just to hang out with them.

In the original, you were the bookend character, appearing in the beginning and the ending. Is there any word that you are going to be more involved in the story this time around? Will you get to take the full adventure in the sequel?

Justin Bartha: Like I said, no one has read the script besides Todd Phillips. We'll see if I'm more a part of the group. No one knows until it actually is the day of the shoot.

And can you speak to the idea that this might actually be one of the first comedies in 3D? Or is that just a joke that is being thrown out there at the moment?

Justin Bartha: I do believe it is going to be in 3D. Their actually creating new technology for The Hangover 2. The whole thing is going to take place on Pandora.

Maybe they'll just drag all of you out on stage at every performance and just have you reenact the film in front of the audience as the film plays in the background.

Justin Bartha: Yes. Exactly. And we're going to get the Na'vi involved in that aspect of it as well. Well be shooting everything on the exact same camera that James Cameron did.

Yes, I had heard a rumor that James Cameron and Todd Phillips were actually going to team up to co-direct The Hangover 2?

Justin Bartha: Exactly. The dream team! It's going to be pretty cool.

You also have National Treasure 3 on the horizon. What are you contractually obliged to as far as that goes?

Justin Bartha: There's nothing. That's a long way down the pike. There is no script. There is no shoot date. Nothing.