Justin Theroux first gained fame as an actor for his roles in films like Mullholand Drive, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Miami Vice but he is now enjoying a very successful career as a screenwriter thanks to the film Tropic Thunder. In fact, actor Robert Downey Jr. was so impressed with Theroux's work on that film that he lobbied director Jon Favreau to hire him to write the screenplay for Iron Man 2. On Friday we had a chance to sit down with Justin Theroux while he was out doing promotions for the new film, which hits theaters on May 7th.

We began by asking Theroux about Iron Man's long time nemesis from the comics, The Mandarin, and if there was a chance that the character would make a cameo appearance in the new film?

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"Yeah, we tip our hat to that but that's a tough one to get in because it's such a big storyline," explained Theroux. So that, I don't know, and I don't dare say it but it might feature in Iron Man 3, I don't know?"

We mentioned that Marvel Studios, Downey Jr. and Favreau all seem very happy with his contributions to Iron Man 2 and asked if he thought he might return and write the next chapter of the franchise as well?

"Yeah they seem very stoked. I think they are super focused on The Avengers, which I'm not available for and who knows when the next one comes around what I'll be doing, if I'll be around? But I'd love to do it," Theroux said.

Finally, since Theroux is also an accomplished actor and a long time Marvel Comics fan we asked him if there was any character in the "Marvel Film Universe" that he would like to play?

"I don't know? Hawkeye would be great," answered Theroux. "No, I don't know? Yeah that would be fun. We'll have to see because I've never even thought of that? We'll see?"