We first spoke to Will Arnett back in January and the actor was confident that the long awaited film version of the popular yet canceled Fox series, Arrested Development, would finally begin filming sometime in 2010. However, last week news hit that actor David Cross had stated that in his opinion Arrested Development, the film, was "not going to happen." Yesterday, we had the opportunity to speak with Family Ties actress Justine Bateman while she was attending the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards in downtown Los Angeles, an event that recognizes excellence in global web television programming. Bateman portrayed Nellie Bluth on the series; a woman that Michael thought was his secret half sister but was actually no relative at all and instead turned out to be the family's prostitute. The actress, of course, is also the real-life sister of the show's star, Jason Bateman so we asked her if she thought the film would finally happen and if so, would she like to reprise her role in the movie? "It certainly would be a lot of fun," replied Bateman. "But from what I understand it doesn't seem like they're going to do that," concluded the actress. Bateman went on to agree that fan's of the series should not hold their breath waiting for the Arrested Development film to happen.

So there you go! Based on this and Cross's statements from last week, it's beginning to not look good for fans of the Bluth family but we'll be sure to keep you posted as more information becomes available.