I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Kat Dennings over the phone, who was promoting the upcoming DVD release of Defendor that will hit the shelves on April 13, and the conversation naturally drifted towards what else we can expect from the actress in the near future.

The big project that Dennings is undertaking is the superhero film Thor and, in fact, the actress was speaking to me from the set in New Mexico where director Kenneth Branagh and company are currently shooting this highly-anticipated film. While she wouldn't spill any major details, as to be expected, take a look at what she had to say about her experiences thus far, the previously-debunked rumors about friction on the set and why moviegoers will be sold on Chris Hemsworth as the title character.

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I read that you were starting work on Thor towards the end of the shoot. Are you currently working on that now?

Kat Dennings: Yeah. I'm actually in New Mexico right now. I've been here for about three weeks and I'll be here for another three weeks.

I know there were rumors out there that were debunked earlier about tension on the set.

Kat Dennings: Oh, absolutely 1,000 percent false. I don't know who would make up a story like that. It's almost comical.

Yeah. It didn't seem to make too much sense that Anthony Hopkins would be so upset.

Kat Dennings: No, it makes no sense, none whatsoever. It's ridiculous. I never understand this part of the industry, why people actually invent things to hurt other people. It doesn't make sense.

Can you tell us then what the experience on the set has really been like then?

Kat Dennings: I mean, I can't say too much, but I will say that it's probably been one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had in my life. Kenneth Branagh is just incredible and so inspiring. Chris Hemsworth is incredible. My jaw just dropped watching him.

Do you think everybody will be sold on Chris as Thor when we finally get to see some footage of the film?

Kat Dennings: Oh my God. I can't even... he could not be more perfect. Besides being the perfect Thor, he's just a great guy. I really like him a lot.

I also asked her about this very intriguing film she plays the lead in called Daydream Nation, where she plays a young girl who moves into a bizarre rural town and gets caught up in a love triangle with one of her high school teachers, played by Josh Lucas, and a drug-dealing teenager, played by Reece Thompson. Here's what she had to say about that unique film.

You also have another film called Daydream Nation that you filmed earlier this year. It sounds like a very cool film and character for you. What was it like to get into this character of Caroline Wexler, juggling these two different guys?

Kat Dennings: Yeah. That was a really special experience also. I went through a pretty big transformation on screen, and all that type of stuff for that movie. I haven't seen a cut of it yet, but making it was very intense, very emotional and very funny, but also very dream-like - obviously, from the title - but also seeing what's going through this girl's mind, going after two men and being in this weird little town where there are murders going on. It's really cool. It's one of the things I'm most excited about.

Have you heard anything about release plans for the film yet? Do you think it might come out later this year or maybe 2011?

Kat Dennings: I don't. They have a print, I think, ready and when I come home I'll see it. I'm not sure, but I hope that actually gets a bigger release. It's really important.

I also asked if she had anything planned after she was done wrapping Thor, and the answer I got was not quite what I expected, but very cool nonetheless. Take a look below.

Kat Dennings: Not really. There is always stuff, you know, always stuff in the pipe. Actually, I don't know if I should say, but I'm looking into directing some stuff.


Kat Dennings: Yeah. I probably shouldn't talk about it because, as you know, some things work out or don't work out, but that's something that exists.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my full interview with Kat Dennings in the very near future.