Kelly Carlson

The actress discusses the recent death of her character and the end of the long running and groundbreaking FX series

Actress Kelly Carlson has portrayed Kimber Henry, the on-again-off-again love interest of Dr. Christian Troy, for the past seven seasons on the hit FX series Nip/Tuck. With the groundbreaking plastic surgery drama finally coming to an end on March 3rd, Carlson recently found her character committing suicide after a long and difficult life. However, considering the fact that Kimber's body was never found, and that Christian has been communicating with her in his sub-conscience, some fans have begun to wonder if Kimber is actually still alive and returning for the series finale or if she is really dead and just communicating with him from the beyond? Fans will be excited to know that starting today (Monday, Feb. 22) Nip/Tuck is available for Download in HD on iTunes. (To order now, you can go: HERE!)

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Carlson and talk about the supposed death of Kimber, how the series will end, her character's colorful life and what's next for the popular actress? Here is what she had to say:

To begin with, can you in fact confirm that Kimber is dead and that the images Christian has been seeing are in his sub-conscience or is there a chance she might still be alive because they never found her body?

Kelly Carlson: No correct, although you're being real technical. No they didn't find her body but it is true, she did kill herself. Yes they didn't find her body and a lot of people say that but she is in his subconscious. I am confirming that. She's not coming back in the flesh in the next two episodes, I can tell you that.

What did you think of Kimber's ultimate fate when you first heard about it?

Kelly Carlson: I was totally fine with it. I mean I kind of assumed something like that would happen because she is such a dramatic character and if she's not with Christian, at the end of the day, there is really no point in her being there. I mean really, you know? Of course she's got to off herself it makes perfect sense. Kimber is such a damaged person that she wouldn't go, "Oh you know what? These people aren't good for me so I'm going to go." You know what I mean? So I thought it was appropriate.

So you think it was a fitting end for the character?

Kelly Carlson: Yeah for sure, I think it made sense, you know? Would I have loved to stay on? Sure but it did make sense to me. You know if I was writing a show with this particular character, absolutely.

Can you perhaps give us a hint as to how you are involved with the finale? In what way dose Kimber reappear and what will be the repercussions for the other characters?

Kelly Carlson: I don't know that there are going to be any repercussions but for the people that do love Kimber and are kind of upset she's gone there will be a moment in the finale where it does come full circle. Now you won't see Kimber but there will be a moment that you will understand and get, for those people who have watched it from day one and that's all I can say about it. Do you know what I mean? The real fans, the ones who have been there since the beginning, they will get it; understand it and I hope they'll be satisfied. If you've been watching it from the pilot you will probably get a really good laugh for sure.

Kimber sure had one hell a life! She was a Porn Star, Scientologist, Electrolysis, a Mother, Interior Decorator, had bulimia and had been a meth-head so clearly she was a lost soul searching for something, what do you think she was looking for and did she ever find it? Also, what out of all of those characteristics was the most fun for you as an actress to perform?

Kelly Carlson: Well to answer the first question, no I don't think she evolved and found anything. What she was looking for I think was something intangible. I'm definitely not a psychologist but if I had to analyze it, it's something within her. She lets men define her, that was the problem and she never figured out how not to. That's why she killed herself because all the men ended up rejecting her in the end. So in her mind there was nowhere to go, that's why she jumped off the boat. Never in any of her endeavors or journeys did she figure it out for herself. So that's why she's dead.

What was the most fun out of all of them to play? Well season three with the Carver was fun for me because I was carved up, attacked and I didn't have to be the glamour girl. I really enjoyed that. I liked doing the drug stuff because it's a departure from Kimber in a way. It's kind of gritty and dirty, and she's visually put together pretty well. She's pretty and well groomed so doing the drug stuff in season four or five with the meth was fun for me to do because it's a departure for me as normal Kimber.

You mentioned the "Carver" storyline and that was such a pivotal season for the series and your character, could you talk a little bit more about that season and how that storyline affected Kimber and why it ultimately set her on her doomed path?

Kelly Carlson: Well that was kind of her departure from the first two seasons of "Kimber the victim," you know with Christian. And after they did find her, and Christian repaired her face she broke up with him. So you could look at it in two different ways. You could say, wow she's really evolving as a person, she's leaving Christian. But from a technical writing standpoint they're just stretching out her existence on the show. Because its got to have somewhere to go. Christian and Kimber will never walk together happily ever after; they have to break up so it was another storyline to extend her existence on the show. Again, the reason why they killed her is because they broke up. Her sole purpose on the show was to be with Christian on and off, the constant fighting was part of the storyline. So I think going back to the Carver season, had they ended up together it would have been boring, it would have been over for her. She should have evolved from it but she didn't so much. She became more of a jaded, hardened human being and very spiteful, resentful and went after Matt. Which started another storyline, which was great and adds for more entertainment.

Can you discuss the relationship between Kimber and Christian a little more? In a sense they are soul mates but they had a very abusive and destructive relationship, do you think that they truly loved each other? And what do you make of her being with Matt (his son) and Sean (his best friend) when she couldn't have him, did she love them too or was that just a ploy to get back at Christian?

Kelly Carlson: I know. You know, we've often times sat around laughing about how these characters are so abusive to each other and then in like the next minute they're all sitting at the dinner table laughing. It's crazy! But I think if you didn't really love a person you wouldn't be able to sit at a dinner table laughing with them at the end of the day. So they must have some sort of deep seeded love. You know the show is really a heterosexual romance. The real love is between the two guys and the whole point is that no woman will ever really come between them. So I think as much as they can love another woman ... well they did love Julia and Kimber and Liz and everybody. You know, I think that was the whole point. It was very abusive; I don't even know how I can completely analyze that. You'd have to have like ten PhDs.

Since Matt is the father of Kimber's child as well as being Christian's biological son that means Christian is actually the Grandfather of Kimber's own kid, you must think that's a bit dysfunctional to say the least?

Kelly Carlson: It's totally dysfunctional. Again, Kimber lets men define her so everything she does is in spite of Christian. Going after Matt, having a baby with him, you know connecting her to Christian somehow. Always keeping her close to him or antagonizing him. It was constant. It was crazy making. I don't think any human beings behave that way, which was the fun part of doing it too. But there is no way I can analyze these characters. I am not qualified.

After playing Kimber for so long are you having withdrawals now that it's over? Do you miss playing her?

Kelly Carlson: Yeah, a little bit. We needed to end it. You know everybody agreed on that. It was so fun to play that character. She was such an endearing character and it was very close to me, not as a person but just as an actor representing her that yeah, there is a little bit of withdrawal because I kind of adore her and it's hard to find those kinds of characters.

Are you concerned that you may never find a character that rich and interesting to play ever again?

Kelly Carlson: I'm not concerned about it. I'm definitely excited to play new characters but I don't know what the future has in store for me. I hope that I find a character that is fun and dynamic to play, I hope so.

When you first started on the show did you ever imagine that Kimber would end up being such an amazing character over the course of seven seasons and so pivotal to the overall series? Do you think Ryan Murphy and the other writers intended for Kimber to have such a large role in the run of the show or was it just a result of your great performance and ability to make the character come alive that she lasted so long?

Kelly Carlson: Well, I don't want to speak for them but I think it is a combination of both. I don't know? I thought Kimber fit in from the very beginning but really there wasn't a point for her other than to be the guest star spot in the pilot. So they needed to develop a relationship with Christian and it was perfect because I was, I guess, his nemesis but I think it just sparked such intrigue with fans. You know when you just get a good couple on television that you love to follow? I think that's just what ended up happening. Julian (McMahon) and I work well together, they wrote two great characters to have a relationship, clash and create all this drama, sex, what have you and I just think it all came together and worked. It kind of felt like that from the beginning so I wasn't surprised I came back, I'm not surprised I stayed but I'm very thankful for it.

Have you seen the final episode and do you know how the series will end?

Kelly Carlson: I have not yet. I read the script that was given to me and I'm assuming it wasn't the final script. So I think I'm going to watch it like the rest of the world.

Do you think fans will be satisfied with the ending of the series and the ultimate fate of Christian Troy and Sean McNamara?

Kelly Carlson: I hope so. You know, we had a big responsibility. Our show was really big and sensational so I really hope that what they did will satisfy the fans. We've had our highs and lows on this show but a lot of people have stuck with it so I really hope that it turns out good because I have not seen it. But I'm sure if Ryan Murphy did it, it will be great. I'm excited to see it for sure and you'll see something with a glimmer of Kimber in there too, which is nice. Which ties us back to the very first season.

Now that the series is all over and looking back on the last seven seasons, what do you think the lasting legacy of the series will be and what affect do you think it's had on society and the way we view beauty?

Kelly Carlson: Well I really think it brought plastic surgery to the mainstream and I think it kind of numbed us to the idea of plastic surgery. If you think about what came after our show, Dr. 90210, The Swan, it kind of opened up the floodgates to this part of our culture. It also did a lot for cable television. What shows were on before The Shield and Nip/Tuck? Not including HBO or Showtime series. It just opened up cable television wide and raised the bar. I think it will have a huge footprint in television history, I do.

Finally Kelly, what's next for you now that the series is over? Are you working on anything now or just fielding some offers?

Kelly Carlson: Yeah, I'm looking at scripts right now. It's pilot season and we wrapped Nip/Tuck probably like four months ago. I did Monk and Melrose Place for a little while but now I'm looking at finding a series. You know, I haven't done a pilot season in like seven years so it's interesting. I want to be patient and kind of see what's out there. Nip/Tuck is some big shoes to fill and I want to make sure the next show is a good one.

Be sure to catch the series finale of Nip/Tuck airing March 3rd on FX. Starting today (Monday, Feb. 22) Nip/Tuck is available for Download in HD on iTunes. Seasons 1-6 are now available and season 7, the final season, will be available the day after it airs on March 4th. To order now, you can go: HERE!