Keri Lynn Pratt talks about playing Cat Grant in a few episodes of the final season of Smallville{0} guest stars on {1} this Friday as DC Comics character Cat Grant, the new Daily Planet reporter who is the antithesis of Lois Lane. In {2}, Clark is a bit overwhelmed by Cat, but when DC Comics character Deadshot sets his sights on her, Clark must step in to keep her safe.

Not only does Deadshot appear in this upcoming episode, Hawkman returns, and we will witness the debut of Hawkgirl. After Lois (Erica Durance) departs for Egypt, the Daily Planet hires a new reporter by the name of Cat Grant (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) to take her place. An assassin named Deadshot (guest star Bradley Stryker) takes aim at Cat, but Clark learns the man has a dangerous hidden agenda that involves The Blur. Meanwhile, Carter Hall (guest star Michael Shanks; aka Hawkman) turns up in Egypt to keep an eye on Lois, and he tells Lois about his wife Shayera (guest star Sahar Biniaz; aka Hawkgirl). Glen Winter directed this episode, which was written by Jordan Hawley.

We recently caught up with Keri Lynn Pratt to chat with her about this upcoming episode, and how her arc will play throughout the rest of Season 10, which is the final season of this hit CW show. Here is our conversation:

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How excited are you to be guest starring on the final season of Smallville?

Keri Lynn Pratt: It's pretty exciting. It was a bit scary at first. The show has a huge fan base, and it's been on for 10 seasons, so it's a big family. But I couldn't have asked for a better experience thus far.

The character of Cat Grant was introduced last season as played by Emilie Ullerup, and she was portrayed differently than she is in the comics. Is your Cat Grant the same character from last season, or is she more akin to the representation that fans are use to seeing in the DC Universe?

Keri Lynn Pratt: I don't know anything about the Cat that appeared last season. This Cat is from the comics. The difference is that I'm not quite as voluptuous as Cat is in the comic books. (Laughs) In the comic books, Cat is a little bit darker. She was an alcoholic. She was a bit more promiscuous. In this one, she has more of a Type A personality. She is a real go-getter. This is probably pre-how she appears in the comics.

Does she at least appear one time with a drink in her hand?

Keri Lynn Pratt: (Laughs) No!

Cat will serve as Clark's partner while Lois is away. Will there be any sparks between you and Tom Welling? And is this appearance in Shield going to lead to a longer story arc as we approach the series' finale?

Keri Lynn Pratt: As far as the arc goes, I don't know where the story is going. I do know that Clark and Cat have...I think that Clark is a little taken back by her at first. He doesn't know how to take her in. She's a little "up in your business". But I think he appreciates her honesty. And her passion for what she does. I think he develops a bit of a soft spot for her. I'm not sure if its romantic sparks on his end. On her end, she is flattered, and so excited to be working at the Daily Planet with a partner like Clark. She gets caught up in his sincerity.

Will your character be involved in some of the conspiracies on the show? Or used more just as a foil for Clark?

Keri Lynn Pratt: I don't know. I really don't. I am not quite sure what is going to happen with Cat. Right now, she is just trying to unfold stories, and she gets herself in trouble. In Episode 10.05: Isis, Cat actually thinks that Lois is the blur. She gets herself in a bit of trouble with that?

How many episodes will you be appearing in?

Keri Lynn Pratt: I don't know an exact number. I will be in Episode 10.02: Shield, and Episode 10.05: Isis. In that episode, I know that Lois embodies Isis, and Cat is convinced that Lois is the blur.

What do you personally enjoy about this character? And how does she differ from Lois Lane in your opinion?

Keri Lynn Pratt: It's night and day with her and Lois Lane. Cat is very conservative. She is determined. She is girly. She is a mother. She has a two-year-old son. She is just so passionate about what she believes in. And that is, she thinks these vigilantes who call themselves superheroes should step out in the light. She will do anything to expose them.

Now that Chloe is temporarily missing, will Cat possibly become the new Watchtower and be interacting with the other superheroes like Green Arrow or Martian Manhunter?

Keri Lynn Pratt: She is, and she does interacted with Green Arrow in Episode 10.02: Shield. I don't know how she will play out, but it is possible that she will be a bit of a watchtower.

Are there any romantic sparks between Cat and Green Arrow?

Keri Lynn Pratt: That is not something that is happening. There are no sparks between Cat and Green Arrow at this point. As far as she knows, he is after her. To kill her.

All of the fans want to know: Have you shot any scenes with Tom Welling in the classic Superman costume?

Keri Lynn Pratt: No! I have not!

Are you lying?

Keri Lynn Pratt: I am not! I don't Lie! I have not seen a costume. I have seen a blue T-shirt and a pair of jeans. The suit does not appear in my upcoming episodes. Not that I have seen.

Do you ever feel compelled to sneak into the writers' room and find out what is going on with the future of the show?

Keri Lynn Pratt: I would love to sneak in there. The writers, unfortunatly, are in Los Angeles. And we are shooting in Vancouver. It would be a bit difficult to sneak into the writers' room.

In your first episode, the extremely popular villain from the comics, Deadshot, is introduced. How is the character portrayed? He's an assassin like in the comics, but does he wear the cool mask and twirl two guns?

Keri Lynn Pratt: Yes. He is just like he is in the comic books. He does all of those things. He is the ultimate bad cowboy superhero. Cat thinks that he is after her.

Is Cat extremely paranoid?

Keri Lynn Pratt: No! She doesn't think that everyone is after her...Everyone is after her! Because she's always putting her nose where it doesn't belong. She is a bit paranoid. She walks around in a bulletproof vest at all times. So, there you go!

Cat is someone that would actually sneak into the writers' room...

Keri Lynn Pratt: Absolutely. Cat would be under the table in the writers' room.}

Why is deadshot trying to kill you in this episode, and how is Clark/The Blur involved?

Keri Lynn Pratt: As far as Cat is concerned, she' s unveiling, or exposing, the superhero vigilantes. So she thinks that, because she has written these articles, and because she has a cover story, they are after her. She thinks that the vigilantes are after her.

In the comics, Deadshot is a member of the Suicide Squad, which was briefly mentioned by Amanda Waller last season, who in the comics is their leader. Jessica Parker Kennedy, who played Plastique in season eight, who is also a Suicide Squad member, is returning this year and they've also announced that Suicide Squad Member Rick Flagg will be introduced in an episode that DC comic book writer Geoff Johns is writing. So is there any more mention of the Suicide Squad or Deadshot's involvement in this episode, and do you know if they will be forming the Squad before this final season is over?

Keri Lynn Pratt: The Suicide Squad is present, or mentioned, in this upcoming episode with Deadshot. I believe that Plastique appears as well. And Cat believes all of these people are after her. She thinks that they are all upset that she exposed them in the article. To her, all of the superheroes and villains, and vigilantes are all the same.

How different are you from Cat? Like Lois Lane, is it night and day?

Keri Lynn Pratt: This was a really fun character to play. I am not to the degree that Cat is. I am not conservative, and Type A, and all those aspects that she has. I am pretty determined and outgoing. I do believe what I believe. Those similarities were easy for me to tap into. The difference between Cat and me? I wouldn't stick my nose into absolutely everything. And risk anything to get a story. Those kinds of things were a little off. Cat? Not only is she determined, and wants to get the story, she is also a mother. She does have a softer side to her than a nail biting reporter.