I recently had the chance to speak with actor Kevin McKidd about his upcoming action project Bunraku, which arrives on VOD formats on September 1, in advance of its theatrical release on September 30. We also discussed his double-role in the upcoming Pixar animated tale Brave, where he voices Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin. Here's what he had to say about his characters, and the experience of working with Pixar.

"I'm doing two voices in that movie now, actually. My kids are unbelievably excited that I'm in a Pixar movie. I was at the D23 convention last week in Anaheim, and it was great to see the audience's reaction. They all seemed to love it. I play Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin. Young MacGuffin is one of the suitors to Merida, Kelly Macdonald's character, who asks for her hand in marriage. He's a strapping young chap but he can't be understood by anyone because his Scottish brogue is too thick. His father kind of translates for him on his behalf. They just landed on the idea that I should do both voices. I've been a Pixar fan from the start, so to get to work with them, I'm kind of pinching myself. I think they do the best work around."

The actor also revealed his work on Brave is almost finished, which brings a two-year production experience to a close.

"Yeah, I think I have one or two more sessions to go before picture locks. I think picture locks in the spring. So yeah, we're almost there, but I've been involved with this project for two years now."