The Matthew Vaughn directed big screen adaptation of Mark Millar's popular comic novel Kick-Ass arrives in stores on DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010. To help celebrate the release, we caught up with the film's breakout star Chloe Moretz, who portrays Hit Girl. The busy actress has a full slate of films currently shooting or ready for release, and she was kind enough to update us on most of them, including Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, The Rut, Hugo Cabret, and the soon-to-be released remake Let Me in. Here is what she had to say:

Have you talked to Mark Millar at all about your role in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2? He seems to have Hit Girl's story arc in place. What do you think about where this character is headed?

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Chloe Moretz: I would love to do Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall. Honestly, I can't say if it's happening or not. I don't know. The director of Kick-Ass is doing X-Men: First Class right now. After he finishes with that, I would love to portray Hit Girl in a different light.

What do you hope transpires between Red Mist and Hit Girl in the sequel?

Chloe Moretz: I love the idea of Christopher Mintz-Plasse going onto become the lead villain. I love the idea of me getting to fight him. I think that would be really, really amazing. But we can only wait and see what happens.

You are currently on the set of Hugo Cabret?

Chloe Moretz: I am. I am working on Hugo Cabret with the great director Martin Scorsese. I'm in London. And I play a character named Isabel. The story is about a boy who lives with his father. His father dies, and he ends up living in a Persian train station. He meets my character, Isabel, and we go on a crazy adventure together through Paris. And this huge gigantic train station.

This is the third film in a row you've joined that has been based on previously existing material. Did you seek out Kick-Ass and Hugo Cabret because you were a fan before hand? Or was it just happenstance that you would take on two such iconic properties?

Chloe Moretz: I didn't know about the comic before I booked Kick-Ass. After I booked it, of course I read the comic, and I researched the role more. With my next film Let Me in, I knew there was another movie. I didn't see the other movie. I still haven't seen it. I've seen a few little parts of it. What I have seen has been very amazing. But I haven't been able to watch the whole thing. As far as Hugo Cabret? I knew there was a book out there, but I had not read the whole book. I plan to, though.

Does Martin Scorsese ever make you bust out the book on set and do some homework? Or is he simply happy with having you just read the script and bring what you are going to bring to it?

Chloe Moretz: We have taken a few parts of the book and put them into the movie. At the same time, we're doing our own aspect of it. I would say, though, that we're staying true to the book.

Two days ago, it was announced that you had joined The Rut. What was it about that script that appealed to you?

Chloe Moretz: The film is called The Rut. Karyn Kusama is directing it. It is a really amazing film. I can't say much about it. It's about a little girl who lives with her father. She goes soul searching. She gets stuck in the woods. The film is about her surviving in the woods until she gets found.

So it's a survival drama, a bit like Sean Penn's Into the Wild?

Chloe Moretz: Kind of. Yes.

What was it about this film that interested you more than taking a break? Because you are working a lot.

Chloe Moretz: I love working back to back. If I can do it, its what I want to do. I may take a few days off here and there. But I get really bored when I'm not working. I get really, really, bored.

So even after The Rut, you're not going to stop to catch your breath. You are just going to plow right through to the next thing?

Chloe Moretz: I want to keep making movies for the rest of my life. Its what I want to do. Its what I want to make my career. Yeah. If I can keep going, I would love it.

When we spoke with you at Comic-Con last week, you told us that you were interested in directing. Are you aiming to be the youngest feature film director in the history of the medium?

Chloe Moretz: What I would like is for my brother to direct it, my other brother to write it, my mother to produce it, and for me to star in it. That is truly my dream. Also, I would like to direct a movie soon. I am only thirteen right now. I definitely would like to get more experienced before I do that. But yeah, I am going to do it.

Do you and your family have a set script or story that you are focusing on for this huge collaboration?

Chloe Moretz: We have a lot of stories. And ideas, right now. At this stage, we are starting up our own production company. We are figuring it all out. We are really getting this going. It's only going to be a matter of time before we have our own film.

At this stage, you don't know anything about the storyline of Kick-Ass 2?

Chloe Moretz: I do know that there is a second series of the comic book coming out. Mark Millar has talked to me about that. And he did give me the idea for this second comic. Other than that, I don't know what is going to happen with the film yet. Maybe after Matthew Vaughn finishes X-Men: First Class we'll go to work on it.

Matthew has said that Hit Girl's role will be akin to Clint Eastwood's role in Unforgiven. Where she has retired her guns, and she is now living with a police officer. Have you already started to think about that character arc? Like Hit Girl, you've put this character away. Now you have to come back to the violence and the language...

Chloe Moretz: I am looking forward to portraying Hit Girl in a different light. I think this will be a really great aspect to her. I can't wait to actually come back to the character and get to do this.