I recently had the chance to speak with actress Kyra Sedgwick about the final six episodes of her hit TNT series The Closer, debuting Monday, July 9 at 9 PM ET. We also spoke about two upcoming movies she stars in, The Possession, opening in theaters August 31, and Kill Your Darlings, which doesn't have a release date set. Here's what she had to say about both unique projects.

"The Possession is this classic horror movie, this Exorcist kind of movie, but there is some really great acting. We had an amazing director, Ole Bornedal, out of Denmark, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and this young girl who is absolutely amazing, Natasha Calis. It's just a very well-done, very scary movie, and that's coming out August 31. Kill Your Darlings is sort of a film noir murder story, based on a true story, around the time of the Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, played by Daniel Radcliffe. It's about a murder that took place, when they were all together at Columbia University. It's a really great story, but I have a really small part, like just a cameo."

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