Recently, I had the chance to speak with Larry the Cable Guy about his new film Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector. He is one funny guy!

We got on the topic of the Disney/Pixar film, Cars. Larry voices one of the characters, Mater. He said how much fun the process was getting ready for the film. He even had the chance to change some of the lines to fit his personality.

Here's a few of the things we talked about:

How is Cars coming along?

Larry The Cable Guy: That was really cool; I started doing that in February, 2003. Man, it seems like I've been doing that forever; I've made 7 or 8 trips to Oakland to the studios for Pixar over there. They're all great, John Lasseter, the other producers, they're all really nice and they treated me great. The character of Mater - people just love Mater, they're all over him. Out of all the Pixar characters, he's my favorite - of course, I'm doing it, so I'm going to say that. I know they've screen tested it with some of the kids; they ask 'who's your favorite character' and they're all like Mater, the Tow Truck.

Was there a lot of improv while doing that movie?

Larry The Cable Guy: You know the cool thing about that was I had never done any voice over work and I really didn't know what to do. They coached me and made me comfortable; I started doing that first day and had done about 4 or 5 lines. I came across a line, and I started doing the line, and it didn't sound right with me saying like that. I told John Lasseter, I asked him 'Is it ok if I change this line and do this with my own voice reflections on it?' 'Sure, that's why I hired you; make it your own. As long as what you're saying pertains to what's on that script, you can say whatever you want.' So there was this line - 'Hey, where'd that dog go?' - that's the line. Instead of saying that, I'd say something like 'Hey, hey, did anyone see that critter?' You know, that's what I would say and he loved it and so I did that, as long as I stayed true to what they were talking about.

Cars speeds to the theater in May. You can catch Larry in his latest film, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector in theaters March 24th.