Lindsey Shaw Talks <strong><em>Love Me</em></strong>

Lindsay Shaw Talks Love Me, on Blu-ray and DVD today!

If you're a fan of movies like Fear, Swimfan, and Obsessed, we have a new obsession for you to obsess over. Love Me, which arrived on Blu-ray and DVD this week, does the stalker genre proud, delivering one hell of a fun, thrilling ride. Maybe a little trashy, but always exciting, the story follows an attractive high school film nerd who falls for a quiet rich kid harboring a deep, dark secret. It is soon discovered that our hero's new paramour may actually have something to do with the disappearance and death of his ex-girlfriend.

Pretty Little Liars' Lindsey Shaw plays the theater projectionist who falls for this bad boy suspected of murder. She also has an unrequited love interest that is kind of creepy. Don't worry, it's all in good fun. We loved the movie so much, we hooked up with Lindsey to chat about her performance and other classics in the genre.

Does she consider herself a Swimfan? Here is our conversation.

This movie is really cool. I love this sub-genre, and we haven't seen one this good in a while. Are you a big fan of stalker thrillers as well?

Lindsey Shaw: Absolutely. When I read the script, it reminded me so much of that movie Fear with Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon. That is one of my favorite crazy love stories. I am definitely a big fan. I couldn't wait to jump into this.

Are you a big fan of Swim Fan?

Lindsey Shaw: Yes! Absolutely. It is creepy. And full of love. And so twisted. I love it!

There have been a couple since Swim Fan, like Beyonce's Obsessed, but I don't think there has been a movie as good as this since Swim Fan. You guys really nailed this...

Lindsey Shaw: Ah, thank you so much! I was really happy with the way this movie came out.

There is a long lineage of stalker thrillers to pick and chose from. What did you notice or pull from those other films in bringing together this performance? Did you study the does and don't of possessive love?

Lindsey Shaw: You know? I didn't look to one movie, or one moment. I broke this down in terms of high emotions. And feeling like I was in a tense environment at all times. All the things you want in a movie like this. The things that are hard to get away from. I tried to create that push and pull with Jamie Johnston. Which was very easy, because we are exact opposites. So, it was kind of unique to create that opposite force.

Love Me has an unrequited love interest. I often find this character the most suspicious and creepy, and I was keeping a close eye on this guy here. What are your thoughts on the unrequited love? Can you ever fully trust a guy that has been pining away for you for years?

Lindsey Shaw: Jean-Luc Bilodeau's character? Wow! I thought he did a wonderful job. That kind of guy...Of course he is going to be creepy. He is always lingering around in the background. I was suspicious of him from the minute I saw him. He brings that element of, like...Unrequited love leads to some evil, evil things that the guy might not even be aware of. He brings that danger even more so than Lucas. You feel that Lucas is a real person. He has some kind of soul, somewhere. He is damaged. When you unravel Harry's character, he is kind of a sociopath. He just brings that really violent, dangerous element to it.

It seems like the director and the writer really did have a sense of what has come before in this genre. Rick Bota and Kat Candler. What was it like working alongside them in creating something that was new and fresh in the genre, while at the same time staying true to what fans want to see?

Lindsey Shaw: It was so wonderful. Rick Bota was one of the coolest directors I have ever worked with. He was clear, and we had a plan all the way through. We were so communicative, and collaborative. He made it really easy. He could make you believe. He could find the love in it. He really knew that we needed to discover that, and find that. he helped us discover that really gently and kindly. You wouldn't think that. When you look at Rick Bota, he doesn't look the type. He is this big guy, who looks like he plays football. Then he comes out, and really surprises you. He gets deep. It was great for Jamie Johnston and I. Rick was the connective tissue between us. It was great. It was absolutely wonderful.

Film nerds, especially, will love the fact that you play a projectionist at a repertory theater. Did you actually get to go in there and learn how to run the projector, and how to edit together the film?

Lindsey Shaw: Yeah. We were in an awesome upstairs film room. That was an actual projector booth in Calgary. All of that equipment was authentic and real. They showed me how to thread the film through. You see in that one shot that I am doing that. And it was awesome. I had never connected to that art form, but being there, and seeing how grainy the footage is, and the sound, it was so cool.

That's an element of the film that might actually pull someone who may not otherwise watch this type of movie. The snobs...

Lindsey Shaw: That was one of the cool things about it...The dioramas that she does? It is interesting on all levels. You see that those people are very unique, and special. And in a way, they are made for each other.

Did you take this role to sort of break away from the stuff you've been doing on the ABC Family series? In a way, it will also appeal to some of your TV fans...

Lindsey Shaw: Yeah, definitely with Pretty Little Liars. The early parts of that. Yeah...I think I'm sort of reshaping, and my career is moving along at a very interesting rate, with each project. Whatever comes next, I am excited for. I would love to do some comedies. As far as this goes, I think it's a really fun little nod to this genre. I hope a lot of people see it. I hope it pushes my career forward.

This is the type of movie that will pull in a strong cult fanbase over the next few years. It's like Swim Fan in that way. These movies come out, and they do okay. But then five years down the road, people will be telling you how much they love it. Sometimes it takes years for people to find it and watch it...

Lindsey Shaw: For sure, for sure! I feel like I have done a lot of those. Like, cult type movies. I don't know. I'm finding all these little pockets. I'm trying to make something for everyone.

What it means is that Love Me doesn't really have a sell-by date, which most big budget Hollywood films suffer for.

Lindsey Shaw: I think that is so cool. I'm really glad you liked it!

Love Me is on Blu-ray and DVD today!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange