When Matthew Atherton, better known to his fans as the superhero Feedback, won the first season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, he probably never would have predicted that his fans would produce an audio drama to tell tales of his alter-ego. Well, as unlikely as it may have seemed, that is exactly what has happened. Feedback: A Hero's Calling aired eight episodes in its first season, and the second season is now in production. Thanks to Alan White, the director/producer for the series, which can be found online at brokensea.com/feedback we now have an exclusive sneak peak at the second season.

To listen to the trailer click on the player below.

Feedback: A Hero's Calling stars Matthew Atherton as his superheroic creation, Feedback. Also appearing in the cast are Atherton's wife, Sarah Blevins, other contestants from both seasons of Who Wants to Be a Superhero? and a wide range of vocal actors, many of whom are drawn from Feedback's fan-club, Tech Support - including SuperheroFlix's own Aaron Einhorn. To learn more about Feedback: A Hero's Calling as well as the many other audio dramas available from BrokenSea Audio, go to brokensea.com