Director/leading man Alexander Loy and his co-star Corey Feldman are enjoying a serendipitous moment of perfect timing, as the premiere of their upcoming comedy Operation Belvis Bash, which depicts a successful undercover mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, ended on Sunday moments before Osama's actual death was announced to the world.

We recently caught up with Alexander Loy and Corey Feldman to talk about the surreal strangeness that has invaded their lives the last few days, and in the process, we also managed to get an update on Lost Boys 4! According to Feldman, Warner Bros. has not yet greenlit this potential sequel. Though, he remains hopeful that it will eventually get made sometime in the very near future.

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Here is what Corey Feldman had to say about both Lost Boys 4 and a potential TV spin-off that revolves around the greatest vampire hunters of our time, The Frog Brothers!

We've heard that Lost Boys 4 is definitely coming. Can you update us on this new Frog Brothers adventure?

Corey Feldman: I'm glad that you know it's coming. Because I don't. No, this is not a done deal. I have never said that. I have said that we are hoping that it happens. I would like to see it happen. And I have been working on some story ideas with writer Hans Rodionoff. We have been discussing where a future trilogy will go, if we were to implement that. Where a TV series might go, if we were to implement that. At this time, we have not been given the greenlit to move forward on any of those projects. What I can tell you is, what I learned as late as last week, actually, is that, in fact, we are in the black! Lost Boys: The Thirst was a profitable venture for Warner Bros. We did make our money back in full, meaning beyond the cost of promotion and publicity. We have met the mark. This was more successful than the first sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe. Which is a huge achievement, as far as I'm concerned. Because I came on as an executive-producer, on a film that the predecessor was a bit lackluster all around. It was quite the challenge for me as an executive-producer. I offered whatever creative input I could to help the process along. Hopefully, We delivered a film that fans really wanted to see as opposed to the predecessor, which was a film that I think more than a lot of people were disappointed by. I think we did that. We met our goals, and it made more money than any of us had expected. It was a success. With that said, there is great potential and hope that we will be making another one. But it certainly hasn't been greenlit. The rumor that hit about a month ago was really just that. A rumor. There is no confirmation on that fact at this point.

It's the darn Internet!

Corey Feldman: There you go!

Can you talk about some of the story ideas you guys are currently working on?

Corey Feldman: I don't want to leak anything like that yet. Assuming we get a chance to move forward, we want to keep it a surprise. And unless the main character ends up getting killed upon the initial release, we will try to keep that plotline under wraps for when the movie is ready.

What about the Frog Brothers TV series? How are you going to transition from the planned second trilogy into the story you are telling in these potential episodes. Are we looking at a show that will be along the lines of Supernatural?

Corey Feldman: The idea in brief would be an extension of the movies. The way I see it, the way Hans Rodionoff sees it, if we are going to move forward, it would be another trilogy of films. All of them will be connected. The second trilogy would be connected to the first trilogy, probably more so than the second film itself. Because we want to take these characters that you know and love, these characters that you grew up with, from the beginning, from the first film, and expand that into today. A lot of those characters will be seen even more so than we had done prior. The way I see the TV series being an extension of that is, it would be the Frog Brothers and their continuing adventures in all sorts of different ways. The big thing is, once you hit TV, you are able to do this on a weekly basis. You can go outside the confines of what your typical vampire hunters might do. They can go after all sorts of elements of the supernatural. If you go back to the first The Lost Boys, one of the resonating lines of the film is, "Look, we've been very aware that there are political leaders in Washington, and that there are ghouls and werewolves allover Washington, D.C." Right there, in the very first film, we have already set the stage. That we can open this to any supernatural villain we want to. However, in the films, I don't think that is the best way to go. Because the audience wants to see what they want to see. But, however, once you move it into the world of TV, you have to keep it interesting for twenty-two episodes. Hopefully more. So, that absolutely opens the doors and floodgates to all sorts of opportunities.

Maybe we'll see Edgar Frog traveling the country in an RV, training little Frogs to take over the mantel?

Corey Feldman: You know? Maybe you should be writing the series, and I should just sit back and watch it!

No way!

Corey Feldman: (Laughs) I haven't heard that one, but you never know! Anything is possible.