In a recent interview we did with Lou Diamond Phillips to promote the release of The Triangle on DVD, the actor was also very eager to discuss his work on the new Aquaman TV show from Warner Bros..

"Well, you know it's amazing because a number of people have said it to me..." Phillips stated when asked about the upcoming show. "The funny thing about the Aquaman project is that there's so much buzz about it already. Which is amazing, I mean you don't usually get that with a pilot, because they're sort of sight unseen. With the announcement that Al Gough and Miles Millar were doing this, basically spinning off of Smallville, but not really, it is it's own creature if you will, there was a lot of speculation and a lot of buzz. I can say just having been on the set, having been with Ving and Justin Hartley, who is amazing and I think is gonna blow up, we nailed it, man. It was a wonderful script and it was so much enthusiasm and so much heart, and I have to say an incredible amount of support. From the network, from the studio and I think everybody had high hopes for it."

He also said, "You never know in TV. I mean, you know, we could shoot ourselves in the foot or something awful could go wrong, who knows? But by all indications, I think we set the bar high with it and I think there is a definite awareness and a definite eagerness out in the viewing audience to see this show."