While doing an interview with Louis Lombardi for the DVD release of his film

Doughboys, the actor talked about reprising his role of Ronnie on Entourage as well as his new role on CSI: NY.

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I know you're also coming back on Entourage. Can you talk about being in the season finale?

Louis Lombardi: It comes out November 22nd or 23rd... this role is gonna be fun. I don't want to talk too much about the role or what they do because I don't want to give anything away, you know? In the episode with me is like Scorsese, Gus Van Sant. I just think it's gonna be one of the better shows.

What was it like going back into that as you've been on the show before?

Louis Lombardi: That is one of my favorite television characters I've ever played. It's so much more like me than all the other roles I play on TV.

What about the role you're doing on CSI: NY?

Louis Lombardi: It's a pretty fun role. It's just a hustler, you know? It's a guy who gets out of prison and goes back to hustlin'.

That's you Louie!

Louis Lombardi: Thank you. (Laughs) Yeah, it's exactly me.

The season finale of Entourage airs November 23 at 10pm on HBO.

CSI: NY is currently airing on CBS.