Swimming Pool: By Josh Herman

"What about the nudity?" an interviewer asks Ludivine Sagnier, of her new role in Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool in which she treats the water-filled oasis as her private Nude Beach. "What about the nudity? You seem very comfortable with it...."

"Well, I wasn't," Sagnier says in a delectable French accent.

"You weren't?"

"No," she answers, anxious to move on to the next subject.

"But you did it anyway"

"Yeah, cause I was paid for it," she half-laughs.

Her blatant honesty and quick wit (with a dash of whittled sarcasm) may be the only qualities shared between Sagnier and her on-screen dubious doppelganger, Julie. All the aggressive sexuality, unabashed brazenness and, yes, nudity that was repressed for her tomboy character in Ozon's 8 Women explodes in this self-proclaimed cagolle