"Hit me again, Candypants!" Keith Bearden directs the poignant coming-of-age comedy Meet Monica Velour, which hits Blu-ray and DVD August 16th. The movie stars Dustin Ingram as a recent high school graduate who seeks out and befriends a fading porn star (Kim Cattrall) who best days are far behind her. We have an exclusive look at the movie with a clip from the upcoming Blu-ray release. Here, a very drunk Brian Dennehy, playing Dustin Ingram's father, attempts to school his son on the ways of the future and the uselessness of a comic book convention. Check it out below.

In this irreverent comedy, awkward teenager Tobe (Dustin Ingram) sets off on a road trip to meet Monica Velour (Kim Cattrall), his favorite 80s porn star, at a rare live appearance hundreds of miles away. Instead of the glamorous sexpot portrayed on film, he finds a 49-year-old single mom living in a trailer in rural Indiana, performing at seedy strip clubs to make ends meet. But the starry-eyed Tobe, still captivated by his crush, befriends Monica, further complicating her difficult life. Cattrall gives a career-defining performance in this offbeat love story that appeals to the dreamer - and the nerd - in all of us.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary featuring Writer/Director Keith Bearden and Actress Kim Cattrall
  • Hilarious deleted scenes