Actor Michael Jai White is no stranger to action, both off and on camera. An accomplished martial artist with black belts in seven disciplines, Michael Jai White has displayed his action chops in Black Dynamite, The Dark Knight, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and much more. The actor puts his skills to the test in Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown, which was just released on DVD September 13, and also serves as Michael Jai White's directorial debut.

Michael Jai White stars as Case, a former mixed martial arts star in the UFC, who trains four young fighters preparing for a no-holds-barred MMA tournament known as the Beatdown. I recently had the chance to speak with Michael Jai White and actor/MMA fighter Scottie Epstein about this sequel. Click on the video player below to watch our exclusive cast interview for Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown

Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown is currently available on DVD shelves everywhere.