Michael Kelly may play Josh Lucas' brother on The FirmI recently spoke with actor {0} about his role in {1}, which hits the shelves on {2} and {3} on June 21, The actor also recently appeared on the CBS series {4}, which was canceled last month. However, that cancellation may lead to a new job, acting alongside his best friend {5} in {6}. Here's what {7} had to say below.
"My buddy Josh Lucas is doing The Firm for NBC. Right before I left, I auditioned to play his brother. Josh is one of my closest friends, and I texted him saying, 'What do you know about The Firm? Are you going to do it?' He said, 'It's looking like it.' I said, 'Well, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was just canceled.' He said, 'I was kind of selfishly hoping it would, so you could be available for this.' We're working on it. We're waiting to find out and I'd really like to do it."

We reported a few weeks back that Josh Lucas landed the lead role of Mitchell McDeere in The Firm, the same role Tom Cruise played in the movie version of The Firm.

Nothing is set in stone yet, it seems, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information.