I recently had the chance to speak with actress Mircea Monroe about her Showtime series Episodes, returning for Season 2 Sunday, July 1 at 10:30 PM ET. We also spoke about her upcoming movie roles, including Magic Mike, where she plays the girlfriend of Matthew Bomer's character.

Here's what she had to say about her experience on the Florida set.

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"We shot it in Florida, in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, because that's where I think Channing (Tatum) was actually from. Basically, there was just a lot of hotness going on. A lot of hotness and talent. There was an explosion of hot talent, and it was delicious on my eyeballs. There's definitely stuff for the straight dudes to enjoy as well. Then there's the story, with (director) (Steven) Soderbergh, and it's a good movie. It was fun to work on something where everyone was around my age. Joe (Manganiello) and I had done Scrubs together, years ago, where each of us had a few lines. It was a fun experience to be with my peers, and all these people who are growing. I didn't do too much on it. I was just there for a week or two, just enough to get a little taste of that experience."

The actress also talked about mixing it up between studio projects and independent fare such as her new film 3 Days of Normal.

"I've done a shit-ton of independents. There's just no telling. There's one right now called 3 Days of Normal, that is so sweet. I'm so proud of it, and it's doing the festivals, but who knows. There are about four other ones, actually even five, because there is one I did two years ago that finally came out in a few theaters in New York and a few theaters in L.A. When I did that 3 Days of Normal one, we had no budget and we were all staying in a house in New Hampshire. There's no trailers, and it's just a family environment. There's not much of a crew, you just do what you need to do. You're working a trillion hours day. I actually put The Change-Up on tape, when I was on that movie, in my room in that house. It's just such a juxtaposition from The Change-Up, where you have a car and 18,000 people who are there to make sure that you're happy. Each thing is wonderful in its own way. I like to balance them. I think the little ones remind you of why you're doing it, and what it's about. There's something exciting about completing it, and the challenge of not having any money. I find that really exciting. It creates such a strong family environment. The big ones are amazing for obvious reasons, monetarily, but because they have all of these resources, you can do so much more. They're both really wonderful in completely different ways."