Director Víctor García returns to the horrors of Mirrors with his direct-to-video sequel Mirrors 2, which arrives on unrated Blu-ray and DVD this October 19th. In our exclusive first-look at this gruesome and gory thriller, a man and his mirror image have a physical disagreement over the proper way to use a pizza slicer. To watch this spooky video, click on the clip below:

In Mirrors 2, the grisly slaughters continue after a young woman is brutally murdered in front of a mirror that is a portal to the world of the undead. Embarking on a murderous rampage, one by one she stalks the men and women responsible for her horrific death, exacting bloody revenge by dismembering and eviscerating the guilty. They can't run, they can't hide and they can't look in the mirror because inside the mirrors the dead live on...waiting for vengeance.

Special Features:

  • The Other Side: Making Mirrors 2
  • - Keeping it Real: The Visual and Special Effects of Mirrors 2
  • - Deleted Scenes
  • - Into the Mirror (Original Korean Film)
  • - Picture in Picture: Watch Mirrors 2 with the Woman in the Mirror (Blu-ray only)