Misha Collins

Everyone's favorite angel will help prevent Armageddon in the final two episodes of the season

Misha Collins plays the angel Castiel on the hugely popular CW series Supernatural. Responsible for retrieving Dean Winchester from the bowels of Hell, he was introduced at the beginning of season 4 and has gone on to help the Winchester brothers battle a wide array of both angels and demons. Castiel will play an important part in stopping the impending Apocalypse in the final two episodes of the year. In When the Levee Breaks, which airs this Thursday, Dean must seek out Castiel's help in curbing Sam's demon blood addiction. And then, in the season four finale Lucifer Rising, which airs on May 14th, Castiel must help Sam and Dean stop the dreaded fallen angel from destroying humanity. We recently caught up with Misha to talk with him about these two episodes, as well as the future of the show. Here is our conversation:

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The Rapture was such a big episode for Castiel. At the end, we see him break his emotional ties with Dean. And he sets himself back on a path to follow the original orders from above. Does this mean we are about to see Castiel become more of a hard ass with the brothers?

Misha Collins: Yes. I think so. We are going to see Castiel become more of a hard ass in the next episode. Certainly. And that continues through the finale as well. Basically, Castiel got his ass kicked when he got taken back to heaven. He was forced to tow the party line again. I don't know if he was brainwashed or indoctrinated. I don't know what happened, exactly. But he came back, and he is definitely going to Castiel up these last few episodes of the season. He is forcing himself to leave his feelings and empathy with Dean and Sam aside, and just serve to follow the orders of heaven. At the same time, I think he is the same angel. I don't think he has changed to his very core. He hasn't been turned into a robot altogether.

With Sam going so far over to the dark side, do you think Castiel is going to step in and help Sam? Or do you think its just going to be an "Angels versus Sam" plotline?

Misha Collins: I don't know where this story is going to go. Seeing historically how Eric Kripke has molded and shaped the story, it seems that he likes to play with extremes and opposites. Pushing Sam's character, who used to be the good and pure, innocent, almost dull-eyed of the two brothers from the very beginning, into dealing with demons as much as possible is the most interesting arc for the Sam character. As far as I am concerned, and as far as Jared Padalecki is concerned as well. It allows him to explore a different spectrum of his own psyche. My own gut instinct is that they will never let him go too far. Because we have all grown to really love that character. I can't imagine not having some sort of redemption for him. But again, I have no idea. No one has talked to me about it. I have no insight other than my own wishes on how I'd like to see it go.

Copy that. For the season finale, it is called Lucifer Rising. Can you talk about how Castiel fits into the plot?

Misha Collins: The finale is all about Sam and Dean doing everything possible to keep the final seal from being broken. Castiel is going to be right in there, involved in that process. Without ruining it, I don't think I can tell you much more than that.

With so much drama happening within the circle of angels themselves, who do you think Castiel is taking orders from at this point?

Misha Collins: I think Castiel is taking orders from Zachariah, whom we have met. And other angels that are higher up on the angelic hierarchy than him. I think that Castiel still has some conflict about it internally. I think he is being a good little soldier now, and that he is following those orders.

With Sam and Dean's father having been placed in Hell a few seasons back, and knowing that Castiel is the only one who can bring people out, do you think he will go into Hell and get John Winchester and bring him back?

Misha Collins: I don't know about that. I haven't talked to anyone about extricating John from Hell. Sorry. Jeffery Dean Morgan has become such a big movie star, I think it would be very expensive to bring him back from Hell.

I hear that!

Misha Collins: But then again, who knows?

Do you know what is being planned for your character in season five?

Misha Collins: I don't know. The writers just got back into the writer's room yesterday. And I think they are just now starting to hash out what happens with season five. I am going to be in season five. But I don't know to what capacity. Or what my role is going to be. Yeah. I have no idea. I don't even know if Eric knows where he is planning on taking this. I know he leaves a little room for creative latitude, and letting things evolve. But I don't know much.

What do you know!

Misha Collins: I am a frustrating interviewee, huh? I'm like Ronald Reagan. I don't remember and I don't recall.

What have you heard about season five being the last season?

Misha Collins: I have heard rumblings here and there. But I have also heard that its, by no stretch of the imagination, true. Or a done deal. Or that anyone actually knows that. I think there are a lot of rumors going on. I talked to Jared and Jensen about it when we were in Australia. Basically, they said that when the show was conceived, Eric Kripe had to prove to the network that he could give them at least five years worth of a show. He told them, "I have this much of a story idea. And it will last for five years. What do you think?" And they said, "Great. You can definitely sustain that for five years." Along that line, I think there has been some confusion. Some things have been taken out of context. It has been turned into, "It's only five years, and its definitely ending at that point." Nobody I have talked to has said that is the case. I think Jared and Jensen have contracts that don't expire until season six. I don't see any reason why it would all have to end with season five. But I am not sitting in the captain's chair on this.

If it did come to an end, how would you like to see your character go out?

Misha Collins: Maybe with seventy virgins.

When the Levee Breaks airs this Thursday, May 7th, and the season finale Lucifer Rising airs the following Thursday on May 14th, only on the CW. Check local listings for times.