We have a brand new exclusive clip from Mister T: The Complete First Season, which is now available through the Warner Archive collection. Click on the video player below, which features an animated Mr. T coming to the rescue of a woman and two children from a pack of wild animals.

You can CLICK HERE for information on how to order this new two-disc DVD set from Warner Archive.

Remember back to a time when the coolest guy around had a Mohawk, gold chains, charisma to spare - and his own Saturday morning cartoon series. You're no fool. You know we're talking about the one and only Mr. T. In the 13 awesome and A-OK episodes in this terrific 2-disc collection, Mr. T coaches a team of teen gymnasts. Their star-spangled bus transports them to gymnastic competitions in exotic locations and along the way the ace athletes solve mysteries and right injustices. From New York City to Las Vegas to the Aztec pyramids, crime doesn't stand a chance against the original tough guy and his team of acrobatic wunderkinds! Now quit your jibba jabba and play the DVD!