I recently had the chance to speak with Mo McRae, who plays the One Niner leader Tyler on Sons of Anarchy. We also talked about his role in the upcoming biopic The Butler, directed by Lee Daniels. Forest Whitaker stars as Eugene Allen, who worked as the White House butler for over 35 years. Here's what Mo McRae had to say about working with Lee Daniels and this cast full of Oscar winnners.

"Wow. I'm so happy you brought that up, because that project has been so dear to me. Working with Lee Daniels and being involved with a cast that has, I think, six Academy Award winners. Working with Lee Daniels has really molded and shaped my career, and my perspective on acting. That script is incredible. It's an epic film. It kind of reminds me of Forrest Gump, because it covers so much terrain, in terms of geographically and time-wise. It's just so pertinent to that time, and to right now, because it's a human story. It's a great, great project to be a part of. I had a ball. New Orleans is a great place."

He also spoke about his character Eldridge Huggins, and where he fits into the story.

"Forest Whitaker plays the title role of the butler, Eugene Allen, and the film is kind of split between Forest Whitaker and his son's journey. His son gets involved in a whole civil rights movement, while chasing this girl. Like many men, we get involved with things because of a woman, or multiple women (Laughs). So, she turns him on to the Black Panther movement, and Eldridge is a character who is not really based on a real person. He's kind of comprised of several different Black Panthers, to create this character. I play the leader of the Black Panther party, Eldridge. David Oyelowo, who is a fine young actor, plays the son and Yaya DaCosta plays the love interest. She leads him to me and the Black Panther party, and when they get involved with me, things take some very interesting twists and turns."

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