The actress talks about landing the role, playing a pyschotic assassin and making music

Garnering a big role in a major motion picture is no small feat even for the most seasoned actor or actress. One can work their whole life and often never even come close to realizing their dreams of gracing the silver screen. Which is precisely what make’s Kate Nauta’s experience in the business so interesting. Beginning modeling at the ripe age of 15, Nauta had never acted before when she first landed the role of Lola in the Transporter 2. Apparently Luc Besson, the film’s producer (and also a very accomplished director), saw some pictures of Nauta and after meeting her, cast Nauta in the co-starring role of Lola, a psychotic assassin who dons a very scantily clad wardrobe.

When something like this happens it seems as if your life could essentially change overnight. However, when she sat down to talk with MovieWeb, Nauta seemed to be taking everything in stride. In fact, she’s currently working on an album for Sony in addition to fielding other acting offers. Kate Nauta is obviously the kind of person that doesn’t sit around waiting for things to happen, which probably explains why she’s had the amount of success that she’s had.

For the people who don’t know, could you tell us a little bit about the character of Lola who you play in the Transporter 2?

Kate Nauta: Well, I will do that. She is a psychopath. A maniac trapped, this is what Luc says, in a supermodel’s body. She doesn’t care whether she lives or dies. She kills only for pleasure and it’s pretty much a substitute of that which she would get sexually, actually.

How did you get cast in this film?

Movie PictureKate Nauta: It fell in my lap. Luc Besson, who’s the producer and the writer of the film, he saw a picture of me at my agency in London, and he phoned them and asked for my whereabouts. I was in New York, because we had a meeting, and he told me a little bit about the character. And he said, “How do you feel about it? Are you interested? Are you up to take this challenge?