The actor gives us the scoop on 'Frank Black', Chris Carter, 'Bishop' and more.

Today Movieweb had a chance to catch up with big and small screen icon Lance Henriksen. His seminal Chris Carter (X-Files) created TV show, Millennium, hits DVD shelves Tuesday, September 6th and he was gracious enough to sit down and talk about not only the show, but his relationship with Chris Carter, his role as Bishop in the Alien movies, as well as what it’s like working on such films as Network and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. During the interview, Henriksen was jovial, full of insights and eager to answer any questions we threw at him. In short, a great interview.

What kind of prep work did you do for the Frank Black character?

Lance Henriksen: I got a lot of books on it. I got a lot of books that were directly from the FBI and they were case studies and they were pretty frightening. They were the real thing. Then I started reading books that some of the agents had put out after their careers were over. As an actor, one of the things you do is gather a lot of details and I never saw this guy as a psychic in any way shape or form. In fact, I had a meeting with some guys from Manassas, Virginia, they were part of the Academy Group. I met with with those guys and one of the things they said after the first season was, “We wish we had that kind of ability.