Recently Movieweb was invited to an exclusive screening of The Outsiders - The Complete Novel courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Video. The intimate setting where the screening was held provided the perfect place to view a film I have seen probably 30 times, in addition to reading the book on which it is based about 15.

The OutsidersI really admire Francis Ford Coppola for going back and making this film exactly the way he wanted it to be. Personally, I am not a fan of director’s tweaking their work after it is released to the world. Yet with these new scenes, The Outsiders - The Complete Novel, is really it’s own entity. It is amazing that Coppola had the vision to take what is essentially a small (but universal) story and bring to it the scope and vision that he is known for. This tale of teenage youths just trying to make it an unfair world, is superbly told without ever being over sentimental or pitying. It just tells a simple story and it is because of this that so many people have gravitated to it over the years, and why they continue to gravitate to it now.

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The Outsiders - The Complete Novel comes to DVD on September 20.

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