MysteryGuitarMan is back with the all-new Dual Action video showcasing Ryan Kwanten of True Blood fame, as they battle it out in a thrilling split-frame sequence. We have two exclusive photos from this new video, as well as the video itself, and an extra publicity still. Check them out below.

Dual Action Ft. Ryan Kwanten Photo #1
Dual Action Ft. Ryan Kwanten Photo #2
Dual Action Ft. Ryan Kwanten Photo #3

About appearing alongside Mystery Guitar Man in this exciting online shot of visual adrenaline, Ryan Kwanten had this to say.

"I had a blast collaborating with Mystery Guitar man- mixing his music prowess with some Aussie shenanigans. The online content space is super exciting right now."

With over 2.2M subscribers Mystery Guitar Man is known for his special effects, stop motion and looping music videos. To check out more from the maestro: CLICK HERE

You can also catch up with Mystery Guitar Man and Ryan Kwanten at their Twitters:!/mysteryguitarm|@mysteryguitarm and!/ryan_kwanten|@ryan_kwanten

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange