We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming Whale Wars episode entitled We Are Hooligans, which airs on Friday, November 28 at 9 PM ET only on Animal Planet. Click below for our new clip featuring the crew trying to navigate through an ice field.

After three long days, Pottsy and Giles are transferred back from the Yushin Maru and become instant celebrities with the media. Just as they are settling back in, the crew is concerned when they discover an unknown ship has been following them! The Captain plans a surprise recon on the mystery ship to determine its intentions. The Delta and Helicopter are launched together in order to ambush the vessel and they discover it's a spy ship for the Japanese whalers. Paul persuades his crew to attack the spy ship, but just as the Delta boat is preparing to launch, a crucial tool on the Steve Irwin breaks - the hydraulic crane. Not only is the attack aborted, but the whole Sea Shepherd's mission is in jeopardy.