Actress Emily Watson has certainly taken on a number of diverse roles in her career, from her Oscar-nominated turns in Breaking the Waves and Hilary and Jackie, to parts in Westerns (The Proposition), action films (Equilibrium), and adaptations (Red Dragon, the upcoming War Horse). She portrays the face of a remarkable yet under-told true story in her latest movie, Oranges and Sunshine, which will be released in New York and Los Angeles October 21.

Emily Watson portrays Margaret Humphreys (who wrote the book this drama is based on), a social worker who discovers a horrifying secret: children from broken homes were being deported en masse from the U.K. to Australia, after they were told their parents were dead. She wages a one-woman crusade to reunite these deportees, now adults living in Australia, with the families they had lost, no matter what toll it may take on her. I recently had the chance to speak with Emily Watson, author Margaret Humphreys, and director Jim Loach about this compelling true-story drama. Click on our exclusive video interviews below to learn more about Oranges and Sunshine.