A remake of Revenge of the Nerds was slated for release in 2007 by Fox Atomic. Starring Adam Brody, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and directed by Fanboys' Kyle Newman, the film shot for two weeks and then was shut down due to disappointing dailies and other difficulties. The project was shelved indefinitely, and 20th Century Fox has no plans to pursue another remake.

This is good news for fans of the original, as this means, instead of some mediocre reboot, we might finally see the original cast reuniting sometime in the near future for a true sequel. Robert 'Lewis' Carradine and Curtis 'Booger' Armstrong are hosting a new TBS reality series called King of the Nerds, where various dorks of different flavors battle it out for the crown. We chatted with these two Nerd Kings, and it was here that they revealed their plans for a Revenge of the Nerds sequel that could bring back all the OG nerds we know and love, and finally claim world domination.

Check out our exclusive video with the pair, and then read on for further details.

Here is what Robert 'Lewis' Carradine had to say about an impending reunion.

"We had a convention once, in Atlanta. We were all sitting around a dinner table. And when we left the restaurant, the restaurant went nuts. Because the entire group of nerds was leaving. The original nerds, that is. And we all looked at each other and thought, "Maybe its time for the next movie. It will be the final frontier. So keep your fingers crossed out there."