Oscar Nunez Talks The Office Season 6 DVD/Blu-ray

Oscar Nunez reveals whom he'd like to have take over the popular NBC show once Steve Carell leaves

The Office Season 7 will mark the final year that Steve Carell appears as boss Michael Scott to the beloved staff at Paper Company Dunder/Mifflin. Ever since Steve Carell announced his departure, there has been plenty of speculation about who will take over the job. A popular theory has Dunder/Mifflin turning to one of its already-existing employees to hold down this important position. Could that particular bench warmer be Oscar Nuñez, who has been with the series since its debut in 2005?

It seems unlikely, with Rainn Wilson the popular favorite. Oscar Nuñez doesn't discredit the idea, though. Anything is possible in the world of the The Office, and stranger things have happened. As we head towards the Season 7 premier of Nepotism, it seems that anything can happen between now and next year.

We recently caught up with Oscar to chat about the importance of The Office's upcoming season, as well as his thoughts on the soon to be released Office: Season Six [5 Discs] DVD and Blu-ray set that hits stores on September 7th. Here is our conversation:

What is the likelihood that Season 7 of The Office is going to push us all towards seeing Oscar in the Boss' chair?

Oscar Nuñez: (Laughs) I don't think that is going to happen. I would like it to be someone who is already in place. But it has to be someone who is a big, dumb jerk. They would have to be an awful boss. But they would also have to be someone who has a lot of heart. Someone that is vulnerable. I personally think that Oscar would be too boring. I would personally love to see David Koechner or Melora Hardin take over.

We've heard a lot of names kicked around, but I think this is the first time that I've heard Dave mentioned for the role. Is that a possibility?

Oscar Nuñez: Hmm? I don't know. It's certainly not up to me. But those are my two picks. Whoever they pick, I think it's going to be great. But personally? My picks would be either Melora Hardin or David Koechner.

Now, you say you want to see someone with a touch of heart. Thus far, I don't think we've ever seen Koechner's Todd Parker show much heart on this series. He's hilariously crude, though!

Oscar Nuñez: I don't think he has shown heart, but it would be so much fun to discover that. I don't think that Melora's shown much heart, either. God, she is just awful. But she is beautiful. And when a beautiful woman cries, your heart just melts. Either one of those guys would be great.

I am assuming that you guys have already shot the season premier?

Oscar Nuñez: I think we've shot a total of three or four episodes thus far. In regards to what is going to happen in these upcoming episodes? It's the same thing. We're just there. People are going to come and go. Timothy Olyphant? We just shot a couple of episodes with him. But it's going to be the same dynamic. Nothing different. So far, the first four scripts that we've shot have been hilarious. I cannot wait for it to premier.

Its interesting to me that Timothy Olyphant would be on this show. Especially with the ongoing debate that he's the "Clint Eastwood" of this generation. What, exactly, is he bringing to your show that we've never seen before? He certainly is different than a lot of the guest starring comedians we've seen in recent years.

Oscar Nuñez: He is just a great actor. The writing is funny, and the situations are funny. All you need is that one great actor, which Timothy is. It is going to be a lot of fun. I don't know how much about his character I can tell you. I know he has a lot of interaction with Micheal. He is going to be on more than one episode. And he's not carrying a weapon.

He's not possibly carrying the boss card? His own series on FX, Justified, is such a hit. There is no way he'd be doing both?

Oscar Nuñez: I don't think he's there to replace Michael Scott by any means. He's just coming in for a couple of episodes.

Looking back at the Season Six DVD collection, what are your most proud moments?

Oscar Nuñez: My gosh, its all a blur. I don't even know. I don't even remember season 6. I remember the shows that we are shooting now. The ones we've shot so far. But let me think back on last season. What happened?

Jim and Pam's marriage was obviously a big part of last year. And to make the season even crazier, you also had the birth of their baby...

Oscar Nuñez: Yeah, the wedding was a fun episode. And the baby. The wedding was so awesome. It was really nice. Those were great episodes.

When the show is such a blur, do you ever find yourself engrossed in the reruns when you accidentally come across them late at night? Is it almost like seeing them for the first time?

Oscar Nuñez: Yes! I won't even remember ever having shot it. I am not in all of the scenes. If I am not in a scene, I am not there. So, I'll be like, "Oh, look at that! Look at those funny people!"

On that note, how do they divvy up and decide what scenes you will be apart of? How is screen time allotted?

Oscar Nuñez: The writers just write the episode. It doesn't ever do any good to complain. We get the script and we read it. There are a lot of us. I think there are thirty cast members. I'm not sure how many, but it is a lot. It just happens the way it happens. They never think, "This guy needs more lines. Or, that guy needs more to do." They don't do things like that. They simply write the story.

Even so, a lot of the secondary players are prominently featured in the Webisodes. Are you glad that those are there, allowing you an opportunity to further push your character and develop him? That we get to see certain aspects of his life the series simply wouldn't allow for because of time?

Oscar Nuñez: Those are fun. Any time you get to work, whether it's a Webisode, or an episode, is great. I know the fans love it. They also love hearing about the behind the scenes gossip. But nothing is more unfunny than talking about funny. You know? It's just a process, whether it's a Webisode or an episode. You have this wonderful chocolate milkshake. Its like, "Why did you make it? Where did you get the milk? Where did you get the cow?" for us, its not as much fun to talk about it as it is to listen to it from the other side. You don't realize that until you are doing it. I remember watching Seinfeld and Cheers. And I thought, that must be so much fun. They were the most beloved shows on the air. Now I am on one of those shows that people really love. But it doesn't sink in. Not until someone says, "I love your show! I have been watching it for years." They act like they've known you for years. But its like a whirlwind that you've been caught up in.

Do you know what we might see in terms of the new, upcoming Webisodes? These have been as popular as the show itself.

Oscar Nuñez: I think I will be involved with the next run, but I don't know what they are going to be about just yet.

Will fans get to see the most recent ones on this upcoming DVD set?

Oscar Nuñez: I haven't seen the DVD set yet. I don't know if those are being included. That is a good question. They should be, I guess. But I don't know.

Going back to season 7, do you know what they have planned for Oscar?

Oscar Nuñez: Again, I have no idea. As we are talking, they are writing the very next episode. They do not discuss it with us. They don't show us anything. Its like being on Lost. You have twenty-four actors asking, "What is going to happen?" The writers don't even know. They have no idea from show to show. They are making it up. There is no over-all arc, or anything. We come in, and we have no clue. I can't tell you what is coming down the pike. I just know from experience that it's going to be funny. We trust our writers. As far as story? We have no idea.

Out of curiosity, because I have been a fan since the show came on the air, how do you guys occupy your time when you are asked to be in front of the camera, but lingering around in the background, not necessarily involved in the action that may be taking place? Do you have any specific rituals? Are you staring at your computer screen, rehearsing your lines?

Oscar Nuñez: Some solitaire. Some Youtube. A lot of the cast does a lot of emailing back and forth. Some people do work. Others are watching videos. Some are just hanging out. It's like that. Its almost like you are at home on your home computer. It's a lot about catching up on the news. That's what I do. It's kind of cool. Never, never Fox News. But everything else? Yes.

One last question, with Steve Carell leaving the show this season, there is a lot of speculation that we might finally see David Brent making a guest appearance. Can you comment on that?

Oscar Nuñez: Who is that? David Brent? Who is he? I don't know who that is.

Ricky Gervais!

Oscar Nuñez: Oh, uh? You know what? I heard those rumors, too. Maybe! But I don't know who that is. So, I have no idea.

The Office: Season Six [5 Discs] DVD and Blu-ray arrives in stores on September 7th.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange