Willow (Cambrie Schroder), a determined young teenager, is obsessed with the idea of meeting the father she never knew. She leaves her cushy life in Malibu to travel to the Sierra Nevada mountains, where she pays a surprise visit to Jack (Ricky Schroder), a rugged cowboy who has no idea he's a father. As the two struggle to bond, Willow makes a connection with a wild mustang, Bravo. Jack wants to capture and tame the magnificent horse, but Willow is convinced he needs to be free. Will the wild stallion that brought them together end up tearing them apart? We have an exclusive look at Our Wild Hearts, which is available on VOD and DVD starting July 9th.

After making its debut on The Hallmark Channel, Our Wild Hearts comes to VOD and DVD July 9.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange