Check out an exclusive clip from the new horror DVD P2, which will bring the thrills to DVD on April 8. Click below to see Rachel Nichols, a crowbar, a wild dog and a lot of blood.

The last employee to leave her office building on Christmas Eve, ambitious corporate climber Angela (Rachel Nichols) arrives in the deserted parking garage only to discover her car won't start. She's relieved when Thomas (Wes Bentley), a seemingly friendly security guard comes along and offers to help. Unable to get the engine to start, he invites Angela to share a small Christmas meal with him. She laughs off the invitation but it quickly becomes clear her situation is no laughing matter. Angered by her refusal, the psychopathic Thomas knocks her out and ties her up in his office. Coming to, Angela realizes that the only way she will live to see Christmas morning is to find a way to escape from P2. A stylish horror thriller from the filmmakers behind the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension, P2 builds to an unforgettable, blood-curdling climax.

Special Features

- A New Level Of Fear: The Making of P2 - Go behind the scenes of the terrifying thriller to watch the filmmakers create maximum horror and suspense.

- Designing Terror - P2's master designers share their secrets for crafting visuals that ratchet up the thrills.

- Tension Nouveau: Presenting Franck Khalfoun - An exclusive profile of Khalfoun, horror's latest auteur filmmaker.

- Audio Commentary With The Director And Filmmakers OF P2