Keanu Reeves Vs. Djimon Hounsou in Constantine

Constantine was a serious movie filled with religious theology and dark visions of hell. But behind the scenes, there were some friendly competitions going on to pass the time. Djimon Hounsou, who plays Papa Midnight in the film, recalled his ping-pong competitions with star Keanu Reeves.

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"From time to time when we had to shoot at the studio, they had a table next door so we could do that," Hounsou said. "During our downtime we could play a couple of games. We didn't have a wager. No bets. All I wanted to do was kick his ass. Just the fact that I knew I was eventually able to accomplish that and couldn't wait to talk about it."

Reeves recalled Hounsou's challenge and confirmed that it wasn't all talk. "While we were on the soundstages at Warner Brothers, Djimon was saying that he had some game and he did," said Reeves.

For his part, Hounsou complimented his opponent. "He's good and that just makes me better," Hounsou said. "He's a ping pong fanatic. He really loves it."

Constantine opens February 18.

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