Pauly Shore

The komic talks about his new DVD and some future projects up his sleeve

Pauly Shore has been making people laugh for twenty years from his work in stand-up comedy, television and films. He's back with Pauly Shore's Natural Born Komics Sketch Comedy Movie: Miami, which comes to DVD on March 25. I had a chance to speak with this comedian over the phone about his new DVD and here's what he had to say.

You co-wrote this with Ian Edwards and Tommy Tallarino. How did you come up with the initial concept for this?

Pauly Shore: Well, I did Pauly Shore Is Dead and then after that I just wanted to do something really light, over the top, fun, stupid, edgy. I love Miami and I just wanted to give them Miami, get down on the streets and do some sketches and parodies and the whole deal.

Is this structured like Jackass, where it's just a bunch of random sketches?

Pauly Shore: Yeah, exactly. There's just a lot of really funny bits.

I saw there was a Scarface bit in there. Is Steven Bauer basically reprising his role from the movie?

Pauly Shore: Yeah, that was one of my favorite bits. I loved it. It was a classic, especially working with Steven Bauer.

You filmed this on a pretty low budget. Were there any things you had to cut because of the low budget, or was it what you were aiming for?

Pauly Shore: No. When you do these types of things and you cut out hours of footage of bits, you just hone it down and you test it for audiences. This is the best of what I could put together for what we shot.

I saw that Cassie Scerbo's character is named Montana. Is this a Hannah Montana parody?

Pauly Shore: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

I'm a huge fan of Charlie Murphy, even back from the CB4 days. What was it like working with him?

Pauly Shore: Me and Charlie, I think have a really good rhythm together. I think we're really funny together. Sometimes it's interesting, you put different people together and package them, like Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy were back in the day. Me and Charlie Murphy had a really fun chemsitry.

Can you tell us a little about the special features and what all you have included?

Pauly Shore: Yeah. You do the movie, and that's the movie. A lot of people don't know what goes into it so I wanted to show that. I think that's always interesting and, I think, as well as inspiring for people who want to do their own projects. I think they'd go, 'Wow. He actually did it as well. This is real. This is how he put it together. These are the problems that occurred.'

Would you consider doing this as a series at all?

Pauly Shore: I'd love to do it as a series, but we have to sell DVD's. If we sell 100,000 DVD's or something.

Is there anything you can tell us about Opposite Day? Have they set a release date for that?

Pauly Shore: No, they don't have a release for Opposite Day yet. It will be out this year though, for sure.

What was the experience like working on that one?

Pauly Shore: It was a pleasure, man. I've been doing so much stuff where I'm playing myself, I'm just sort of sick of playing myself, Pauly Shore this and Pauly Shore that. It was nice to play a character like, back in the movie days, playing characters and different things like that.

Do you have any other writing plans that you're working on right now or anything you're looking at acting in or developing?

Pauly Shore: Well, I have another movie that I finished that's coming up next that's called Adopted, where I go to Africa to adopt a black child. Go to for more on that one.

Well that's about all I have for you. Thanks a lot for your time, Pauly.

Pauly Shore: Thanks for checking out the DVD and thanks for talking about it. That's cool.

Pauly Shore's Natural Born Komics Sketch Comedy Movie: Miami hits the DVD shelves on March 25.