With under a dozen episodes left to air before the curtain finally closes on the unbelievably successful television series Lost, fans can hardly wait to see which one of their favorite deceased or supporting characters will make one last appearance before the series ends in May. Two of the characters that hardcore fans would like to see return the most are probably Charlie Pace and Penny Widmore, played by Dominic Monaghan and Sonya Walger, respectively. Coincidentally, the two actors can now both be seen on another ABC "mystery-drama," Flash Forward, which begins airing the second half of its first season on March 18th. We recently had the opportunity to stop by the set of Flash Forward and speak with Monaghan, who's character of Charlie was last seen aboard Flight 815 in the "alternate dimension" in this seasons premiere and Walger who's character hasn't appeared on the show since last season to find out if either of the two actors would be making a return appearance to Lost before the series ends. Here is what they had to say:

Dominic, will you be appearing on "Lost" again this season before the series comes to an end?

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Dominic Monaghan: That's more of a question for the writers. I keep saying that that's like asking Huckleberry Finn if he's going to appear in the next Mark Twain book? You know, I'm a fictional character I have no control over that so if they write something that I like and I'm into, sure.

But you haven't shot anything else for this final season that hasn't aired yet?

Dominic Monaghan: No and I have to be really protective of what I do on that show because I like what they did with my character and I like where my character was and unless its going push my character in a new direction or push the story in a new direction then my focus will probably remain on this (Flash Forward).

Sonya, will you be returning to "Lost" this season before the final episode?

Sonya Walger: Yes.

Have you already shot an upcoming episode that hasn't aired yet?

Sonya Walger: I've shot that one and I'll go back for the finale.

So you'll be in an upcoming episode and the finale as well?

Sonya Walger: Yes.

Can you tell us anything about what you'll be doing in that upcoming episodes?

Sonya Walger: No.

Do you appear on the island or will you make an appearance in the "alternate dimension?"

Sonya Walger: I don't know. I have no idea? Not a clue. I ask no questions on that show. I just do as I'm told.

So there you go Lost fans, you can expect Penny to appear at least twice before the season ends. Unfortunately for Charlie fans, unless Monaghan was keeping a secret from us or gets a call from producers to fly to Hawaii soon, I'm afraid we may have seen the last of our favorite tragic hero. Lost airs Tuesday nights on ABC with the 2 hour finale scheduled to air on May, 23rd. Flash Forward returns for the second half of it's first season beginning March, 18th on ABC.