We have the exclusive poster premiere for Exalt Films' upcoming documentary People V. the State of Illusion, which opens in Seattle March 16, and will be touring around the country after its debut. Take a look at this one-sheet below for director Scott Cervine's documentary about an attorney who makes a case against the State, on behalf of a convict's daughter.

People v. the State of Illusion Poster

Exalt Films, and Movies From The Heart, are proud to present People V. the State of Illusion. This feature length film, directed by award winning Director SScott Cervine, is set in the notorious "Old Main Prison" of the New Mexico State Penitentiary, and tells the story of Aaron Roberts, a single father who is arrested and tried on charges following an incident that claims the life of a woman. Aaron is convicted at trial and sent to the state penitentiary, and his daughter becomes a ward of the State. While there, an attorney learns of her plight and the story of her father, and decides to represent her in an innovative and emotionally-compelling case against the State. Written and produced by Austin Vickers, this movie explores the science and power of perception and imagination and the prison walls of habitual thought and behavior that we all create, and documents the evidence that answers the central questions of this provocative film, "what is real?" and "can we really change?" It is an inspiring and emotionally compelling movie that will wake you up to the power of your imagination, encourage your hope, and elevate your spirit.