Due to the writers' strike, the Golden Globes award show has been cancelled. Not to fret, though. We have Queen Latifah's exclusive acceptance speech that she would have given had she been there to accept her award. She was up for Best PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MINI-SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION for HBO Films Life Support. And she won!

Queen Latifah gave us the following speech while out promoting her latest feature Mad Money: "I just want to thank my producing partners. Kim, Jamie Fox, Jamie Rucker King, Chubby Stone. Nelson George for writing the script and putting his family's story out there. I also want to say that AIDS is not just a crisis in the world. It is also a crisis in America. And I want you to put your presidential support behind the one guy that is ready to step up and help our people. Not only aboard but right here in America. Thank you very much, the Hollywood Foreign Press. God Bless."

Someone offered me up as the prize instead of the actual Golden Globes award, "Come on, Paulington. Get in my arms. Look at what I got! Paulington is my Golden Globes stand-in."

What will she do the night of the Globes? "I don't know. I have been on the phone with my publicist Amada, who is constantly on her Blackberry planning something. She is planning a Luau at my house, which is currently under construction. We are going to sit there on bricks and mortar, toasting champagne and playing in cement. I will throw my Bizatza tiles around when I win. What are you going to do? It just doesn't have the same effect. I will pull out a really beautiful dress and look at it."

Are all of the Hairspray guys invited to that party? "Yeah, man. Everyone can come over. I bet (director) Adam (Shankman) has something crazy going over at his house. He always has a party going on. Maybe we'll roll on over to his place."

Not only has the writers' strike affected the Golden Globes ceremony, it has put both of Queen Latifah' upcoming projects on indefinite hold. She says, "Everything is on freakin' hold. I've got All of Me and Betsy Smith. Hopefully we can get this taken care of." Is Steve Martin still being considered for her co-star in the remake? "I haven't seen him. He got married. He lives just around the corner from me. I need to bum rush his house. I'll be like, 'Dude!' Yeah. I got to do that."

Queen Latifah can be seen January 18th in the caper comedy Mad Money.