Ray Stevenson talks about recent developments for a film version of the HBO series

During my chat with Ray Stevenson this morning, talking about his upcoming DVD Outpost, the actor revealed an exclusive scoop about a forthcoming movie project based off the HBO series he starred in, Rome. Stevenson starred as Titus Pullo in the hit show that ended its two-season run in March of last year. Here's what he had to say:

I also have to ask about Rome. Have there been any talks about...

Ray Stevenson: Have there been talks about Rome? Oh my God. (Laughs)

There have been?

Ray Stevenson: I hate to say anything, but yes. Bruno Heller, the writer and director of the show, and Bill MacDonald are in talks now for a Rome movie project.

Really? Wow. So they want to bring everyone back?

Ray Stevenson: Well, everybody who's not dead. (Laughs) There's a lot of history there, and if Punisher: War Zone goes well, obviously our profiles may help. The tricky thing with a movie, is that HBO is pay-per-view. It has a limited audience, it has its audience. You've got to try and find a movie that will stand alone and yet serve both the existing audience and attracting new ones. There was so much maturity and so much richness and so much good stuff that came out of it, that I've got my fingers, eyes, nose, teeth and everything crossed, because, in a heartbeat I would go back and do it, but people way beyond my pay scale will be making that decision.

Is there a script for this right now, or are they still developing it?

Ray Stevenson: Well, Bruno started working on the script, and then they called the writers strike. You'd have to make a call to Bruno Heller and people like that. I'm not sure what HBO's legal position or involvement or ownership issues... I mean, these are all being discussed by other people. All I can say is that there's positive talk about it. I wish I could sit here and tell you more, because I'd probably be more excited than you would be, but I'm just quietly keeping everything crossed, and encouraging from my sideline position.

Watch for the full interview with Ray Stevenson for the new Outpost DVD in the very near future, and we'll have more info on any developments on the Rome film project as soon as we get more information.