Punisher: War Zone is an amazing movie to behold. Its as violent as last January's Rambo and possibly the funniest comic book adaptation to hit the screen in sometime. It's sure to be a cult hit, and serves as an awesome ode to 80s action extravaganzas. It's such an excellent film; it's going to be hard to top it with a sequel. While chatting with director Lexi Alexander yesterday, we asked her how she was planning to out do herself and if a Punisher: War Zone 2 was on the way.

In no short order, she explained that she wasn't intent on coming back for a sequel, and if a third film does happens, she won't be attached. Then she told us that she wants Ray Stevenson, the man that plays Frank Castle in Punisher: War Zone, to come back and direct a third film. She says that he is very open to it, and that is the direction she is pushing the franchise. She doesn't believe that anybody else but him will be able to make a film that is on par with what is coming to theaters this Friday.

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To hear the entire conversation, stay tuned for our exclusive one-on-one video interviews with both Lexi and Ray, which should be up soon. Punisher: War Zone opens December 12th, 2008.