Ray Stevenson talks about bringing his popular HBO series to the big screen.

While talking with actor Ray Stevenson about the upcoming Punisher: War Zone DVD release, we got him to talk more about the impending Rome movie, which is based on the popular HBO series of the same name. The film is definitely happening, and is in the process of being written at this very moment. Here is what Ray had to say about it:

Is the Rome movie still moving ahead?

Ray Stevenson: Apparently so. It is no longer a smoke and mirrors rumor. The script is in full development. As you are probably aware, this is a pretty strange process. We could go into production in a year, or it could be as quick as six months. Who knows? It will happen. At least it is no longer a rumor. From what I have heard, they are nearing the end of script development. We shall see. We shall see.

How excited are you to go back and play Titus all over again.

Ray Stevenson: I can't wait to dust off the cobwebs of old Pullo. The guy is going to come in with a high body count. I love Pullo. I love him to pieces. I had such a great time playing him. And I got to do it in Italy and Rome. He is very special to me. He is a very special part of my history. I was very blessed to get that part.

Do you think the movie will go even further than the TV series. I mean, you were able to get away with quite a bit on HBO. Will it be more of a brutal experience? Or do you think it will be more drama based?

Ray Stevenson: That is a very interesting question. You have to ask Bruno Heller. Bruno is the one writing the movie, thankfully. I don't think anybody else could write the movie. It will be Bruno at the helm. That guy has a soft spot for Pullo and Vorenus. I don't think he will let the ball drop. I don't think he will disappoint. He never pulled his punches with the hard drama or the social status, or the action sequences. He put full honesty into the characters. I completely trust him, and I can't wait to read his script once it materializes.

Rome: The Movie is currently eyeing a 2010 release date, though it is only speculative at this point. Check out Ray Stevenson in Punisher: War Zone on DVD and Blu-Ray starting tomorrow, March 17th, 2009.