With only ten episodes left (including tonight's) to air before the curtain finally closes on the phenomenally successful television series Lost, fans have been holding their breath in anticipation to see which one of their favorite deceased or random supporting characters will make one last appearance before the series ends in May. However one character that may not return before the series ends is Ray Shephard, Jack's Grandfather played by actor Raymond J. Barry. The eldest Shepard made his only appearance on the show to date in the season five's episode, 316, when Jack borrowed his Father's shoes from Ray in order for Locke to wear them on the Ajira Airways flight so they could return to the island. We recently had a chance to catch up with Raymond Barry, the actor who plays Ray Shepard and asked him if he thought he would be returning to the series before it ends? "It's hard to know, I have heard nothing," stated Barry.

The actor continued and began to divulge some interesting information about plans that once existed to enhance Ray Shepard's role in the mythology of the show. "There were rumors at one time that they were going to develop my character into some kind of guy who is going to do crazy things," explained Barry. "Yeah but it never came into fruition so I don't know, you know." So just to confirm, you haven't been approached yet to return but it could still happen, we asked the actor? "Oh yeah, it could happen like that. I could get a message tomorrow or a script and they say, 'Okay, learn this you're working' and I have to go to Hawaii," Barry finished. But with production currently underway on the final few episodes of the series, the chances of Barry's return to the show and another appearance from Grandpa Shepard seem less likely by the day, however it is interesting to know that there were once plans for a more nefarious Ray Shepard. Who knows, maybe Ray is off doing "some crazy" things somewhere in the mirror world? We'll just have to wait and see.

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Lost airs Tuesday nights at 9PM on ABC with the series finale scheduled to air Sunday May 23rd on the same network.