During a recent interview with Richard Lewis for the DVD release of Anything But Love, the actor/comedian discussed the highly anticipated Sixth Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

We're huge fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm...

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Richard Lewis: You say we, you don't have a split personality?

No, no, when I say that I'm talking about the site, our friends, my parents, we are devoted to that show! Is your friendship with Larry David similar to how it is in real life?

Richard Lewis: With Larry? Absolutely. It's a little heightened, he's pretty close. He close in how he feels. He's almost dead on. I love Larry. He's such a principled, ethical guy. It's amazing how people misinterpret some of the stuff on that show. All he's basically saying is, "You believe in what you believe in. Let me believe in what I believe in and let me alone." I feel the same way about life, basically. Of course he puts himself in these excruciatingly funny situations. Where he had to be confronted by so many a*%holes.

Look how he died at the end of the last year. (Laughs) They're talking about his money and $5,000, and I'm on the beach with a beautiful woman. He gave me a kidney, it was unbelievable. I didn't know if that was gonna be the end or not but... it obviously wasn't because this season is darker and cooler than I think any of them. I can only speak for the episodes I've been in but I know enough about the arc just to tell you, of course I can't say any more than that or my car will blow up. Can a Jew blow up another Jew's car like that? In Hollywood?

Look for the Sixth Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to begin in early 2007 on HBO.

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