Sadly the trilogy of interviews between Richard Lewis and Mushy comes to an end here

It is with great sadness that I type Part Three, the final installment, of my interview with Richard Lewis. Initially, our meeting of the minds was put together because he was promoting the highly anticipated DVD release of his show Anything But Love, Vol. 1. I could never know what an entertaining time we would have together, and that our interview would last as long as it did. We pick up here with Richard Lewis talking about his psychologist and her inability to stay awake during his sessions.

Richard Lewis: She actually dozed off! I felt like going, "Take the $175 and shove it up your f*&king ass!" I couldn't take it. She said, "You're angry at me!" I said, "Well, you're sleeping. What if I had a gun up my ass you wouldn't even hear it!" She didn't even hear what I was saying, she was so bored, "Your mother and your fear of intimacy!" She couldn't take it. (Laughs) My own doctor! I said, "You know what, f&*k you! I'm outta here. Thirty years is enough of this sh&t!" I got married, I made a commitment, I'm sober for twelve and a half years, I don't need this... I'd rather buy a present for my wife. I'm sick of feeding therapists families.


Richard Lewis: This is the worst interview you've ever done?

No, it's a great interview.

Richard Lewis: I'll take the heat from the site. I'll take the bullet.

No, no, I was going to say this at the end of the interview but I'm being serious, you are the best interview I've ever done.

Richard Lewis: (Laughing a lot) That's the biggest bullsh&t line I've ever heard.

No, no...

Richard Lewis: When you did Apocalypto what's that f&%kin Mel Gibson movie you did?

Was it wrong for me to do that interview? Seeing as what happened? Me being Jewish and everything

Richard Lewis: Mel Gibson?

He was very, very nice. He was great.

Richard Lewis: I don't know? He has freedom of speech. I didn't see it. He's got some serious problems with history, but if he's an alcoholic, he might be, then he has the same disease I have, but it's his take on history... Jews have to be strong it's a tough haul. There are two things I remember, Jerry Lewis and Forty Years in the Desert; watching it at Radio City. Jews in the desert running for forty years from Yul Brenner. I said, "Why are we running away from this idiot?" Then my Dad said, "Because they're Jews." (Laughs) That's why I knew at an early age we have to be vigilant as Jews, and also I'm not as fond of Mr. Gibson's spin.

It's sad because there's so much anti-semitism all over. You just sorta don't want it from your own countrymen, you know? But he has his right, his own spin. I'm a real first rights guy. I've never met him and a lot of people like the guy. Maybe he's misunderstood? Certainly, if you listen to his father talk. That's where it comes from. What do you know when you're four years old? You're a dipsh&t and you learn from other... look at all the children of terrorists learning to hate at two or three! Rather than a coloring book or watching the Teletubbies. You think Klansmen would grow up to be Klansmen if they didn't have parents filled with blind, ignorant hatred? It's absurd. He probably grew up listening to this sh*t, and it's taken some time for him to realize that it's insanity. He has the right to film anything he wants and I could give a f%*k. I'm not spending any money to see it, but I'll defend his right to do whatever he wants.

And to that we say, "L'Chaim."

Richard Lewis: (Laughs) I thought you were interviewing me for the Mel Gibson story for E! Aren't we talking about Anything But Love and Curb? How did you steer me...?

You brought up Mel Gibson! You brought up Apocalypto!

Richard Lewis: I thought that was a new puppet show on Nickelodeon. I had no idea it was his movie. I thought it was the guys from South Park who did it. Then I realized it was him and I ran out of the theater screaming.

I guess my final question, sir, is what do you have coming up next?

Richard Lewis: Well, it's Pilot Season so I'm up for a couple of new shows. I don't have them yet, so I'm auditioning for shows. I created a show that I'm pitching to the network, that I would co-create or something. Finishing up two more episodes of Curb, then I start a cross country tour in about two weeks. I start in New York actually. A new club called Comix, it's supposed to be beautiful February 23 and 24.

I'm really looking forward to getting back on stage. I took about five weeks off, that's the longest I've been offstage in five years. So look out, New York.

Anything But Love, Vol. 1 is currently on DVD from Fox Home Entertainment.

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