In a recent interview that Ridley Scott did with us for the DVD release of Tristan + Isolde, the director also gave us updates on a bunch of projects. During the interview he discussed why he most likely wouldn't do Alien 5 as well as his other projects American Gangster, Shadow Divers and The Assassination of Jesse James.

Off the subject a bit... would you have any interest in doing a fifth Alien film?

Ridley Scott: I think the franchise has maybe now been disengaged with Alien vs. Predator.

Did you have any idea when you did that first one that it would span three other films and still be with us today?

Ridley Scott: No, but I knew... you get an idea when you're doing something that it's going to be fairly important. Don't forget those were the days when sequels were rare. I'm just trying to think what other sequels there were. There was the James Bond movies and not many. I think sequels have become a recent idea of franchising.

Made with the idea to make this one movie and then make a few others...

Ridley Scott: Oh yeah, absolutely. Now they're giant box office. Films like Harry Potter and Narnia, I'm sure they'll do another one. The biggest audience of course is the youngsters.

Can you talk at all about American Gangster, Shadow Divers or The Assassination of Jesse James?

Ridley Scott:The Assassination of Jesse James is with Brad Pitt and is directed by Andrew Dominik. He wrote and directed that film Chopper that introduced Eric Bana to us actually. It's finished shooting, they're editing now. It looks really great. It's Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck.

I'm doing American Gangster with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, again. I start that in New York in Harlem on August 1st.

How about Shadow Divers or is that still in the writing stages?

Ridley Scott: No, that's going through it's evolutions, it's actually being written in it's second, third draft now. It's an interesting subject though. It's fascinating that people do this kind of... it's not even an occupation, it's a goddamn pastime. It's a passion and they do this diving which is really dangerous. It's very extreme. They don't really look for treasure, it's not treasure hunting and Shadow Divers was interesting because the evolution of changing, from just nosing around wrecks to establishing the idea that these are graves. These are graveyards and even worse it's a grave of Germans from back in World War... a German submarine. Should it not be left alone? It goes down a very powerful, emotional thread as well.

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